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  1. Worlds Apart is also a (pretty friggin great) And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead song tho ionno if thats 'googleable enough' to be a problem really compared to the previous suggestions still stickin with Divide/The Divide
  2. I really like The Divide. dont post often but i was thinkin about this and i like it perhaps even dropping the The to just make it Divide. sorta a noun and verb thing all at once
  3. Machinarium may not be the most solid adventure game in the lineup, but it is probably the most charming thing I've ever seen
  4. for me it was basically that Tim/Ron have been responsible for way too much of my free time being eaten up over the years. the moment I saw 'get your name in the credits' I could not get to the signup button quick enough. I knew regardless they'd have no problem getting the funds, but I wanted to be part of that. all the other stuff added on since then has just been icing on the cake. edit: omgfirstpost
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