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  1. Only now do I realize that my idea, "Divergent Dawns", is better suited for a JRPG then an adventure game...
  2. a fast-food restaurant (complete with play-place) staffed by monsters. a planet sized deep fryer (for deep frying planets) cat prison bus stop of the damned robot wedding a slush level (what happens when you mix a fire level with a ice level) the abandoned warehouse where they keep unsold copies of terrible movies
  3. maybe this is just my computer or browser (firefox) but i can seem to get the web site to load. could just be all the heavy double fine traffic.
  4. I can't believe you people! why would you pick "yes" over "yes"? did you even think about this at all? I just can't stand this! (in the interest of niceness i state right now that this is sarcasm)
  5. Use... Crown... on head... King Schafer, lord of Adventure!
  6. I guess we officially have a "adventure games hipsters" thread.
  7. To see/get/buy/participate with/play a new double fine game.
  8. yes, but only with the official Lucas arts hotline.
  9. really this forum should work like one huge, bubbling focus group. no direct "control" but be the first to see and comment. no one wants to see this game designed by committee, we have to many gray shooter as is.
  10. Some of the repetition comes from the broadness of the topics, like a thread about genre can could be easily split into the discussion of a in-depth look at specific aspects (sci-fi western, pirates, ect.) a little widening of the backer boards and a strive towards focused discussion (difficult on the internet i know) would help. but with that their should be room for silly spit-balling because this should all be about fun in the end.
  11. operation: narwhal operation: pulley in the middle operation: backers to the future operation: adventure! operation: glorious failure
  12. Please people, it's the year 2012, we need to move on from the past. What we need is a space chicken with a laser pulley in the middle.
  13. the thing to remember is that double fine loves to mess around with genre, their fantasy epic was a heavy metal world full of chrome, hot rods, and twisted vinyl coated creatures. any genre they do is going to be twisted into amazingness. that said (letting lose the little frothing fan boy in me) i would love to see what they did with steam-punk, because it wouldn't be like any other steam-punk game out their.
  14. I could see sci-fi, but not a traditional space opera, maybe more cyberpunk, brain swapping, alternate history, or jump the bandwagon completely and do steam punk
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