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  1. The reason I voted for this game is pretty simple really. These types of stories, especially in gaming, are always the most rewarding to me. A game like Passage has stuck with me for far longer than the games that are effectively puzzles in the form of violence delivery that I play all the time.
  2. I limited my votes to four games that I would want to see the most and this was the first one I clicked. The mechanics seem solid, in other words it would be fun to play, but the thing that sold me was the potential for humor (inadvertent or otherwise). Depending on the direction you go with this it seems like would be feasible on mobile devices too. Even an asynchronous multiplayer mode would make sense depending on how you decide to implement the actual game play. The whole Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity comparison makes me excited too. That WTF moment when you see what you friend decided to tack on to your part is always a bit of a rush especially when you have to deal with the fallout.
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