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  1. Haha, Dave Grossmans father was right. I just changed my tyres and thinking about washing the car. It´s raining now. :cheese: Btw I got all achievements now. Easier than in Grim Fandango...
  2. I just rushed again through the game for the "right way" achievement. It´s mean that you get all of them if you unlock the others. I´d rather have an achievement for speedrunning it! Because I fail everytime on the “Me! Me! Me!” achievement.
  3. If you want this fixed, you should report it here: http://support.doublefine.com Thank you. I saw it´s reported but for PS 4.
  4. I didn´t have glitches or bugs in the Monkey Island SEs. But I have a bug in the remastered of Dott. When the mummie wins the show and the commentaries show up the music plays in a loop and I only can exit the game via the taskmanger because it get stuck then. @Joe Mudd Yes the old version of the music in the classic mode in MI 2 sounds bad. Sadly. And I don´t like MT-32. It´s a shame because whole Woodtick in the old midi version is one of the best music tracks ever.
  5. Dito. I hope one day I will have this triangle box. I only have the normal box. I even didn´t know for years that there was a CD version. :red:
  6. Ooh! Very nice. I wish I had one of these.
  7. I wish I´d back for that very nice yarn designer book. I was so happy a few weeks ago when I saw that there´s finally a Hexapal plushie now! I couldn´t resist to buy it!
  8. I loved it. Shame I wasn´t there everytime. Besides Collogne I´ve met some great people here virtually. And it´s every week.
  9. I changed my mind! I don´t want anything like these designs! I want a hexagon big box. And if we don´t get hexapal/gal plushies we (I) want at least a "big hexabox". :coolsmile:
  10. I took Toonstruck. But I really like AVS and Sam and Max Abe Lincoln Must Die.
  11. I don´t understand it but it also sounds very good!
  12. Actually Manny demonstrates pretty well how much better the english version is. Alf + some artificial accent without nuances is so much worse than Tony Plana. Piper made other nice jobs, like Finnegan in Memory-Alpha. If your opinions differ, Dr. Rockwell from Seattle might be able to offer some assistance. I agree on all other adventure games from LucasArts. Especially my fav. adventure game Dott. Well it was the first american adventure game what was dubbed in German. But the German version is bad. :-P Well one of my favourite voice actors is Nick Jameson! Unquestionably! Maybe it´s because I´m used to it but the German GF is better. Just my 2 cents, sorry.
  13. Yes the original versions are mostly better. Sam and Max hit the road for example. But I think the German voice of Grim Fandango was slightly better. Espacially Manny!
  14. It was a great session. And I hope there will be a new Tonnstruck. Or a Toonstruck Remake (Directors cut).
  15. Just saw this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mothra Is Mog Chotra a reference to that?
  16. No. April the 26th. Bad I can´t be there on the 4th session.
  17. Yeah! There WILL be a retail version of Gone Home.
  18. Off-Topic: Yeah. Answer from Replay Games: "Your Box was shipped out on February 11, 2014"
  19. That´s a knowing issue: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12018/#318343
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