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  1. Like Penn, saying anything would spoil the surprise. I will give you this hint though - listen very, VERY carefully to Big Leg. When the [potato], run and look for something odd.
  2. I plan on going through all the prototypes and recording them tomorrow with a bit of voice over as to my thoughts and on how each prototype could be expanded upon. If all goes well it should be uploaded relatively quickly. Also, just finished the game and got to the wicked end. WHAT... THE... FRUMP? Now I really, REALLY want to see this expanded upon.
  3. You will make Lee Petty proud. Good work, comrade!
  4. Before I forget, I want to give a massive shout out to the voice direction in the game! Isa's son did a masterful job playing Twig and the conversation with him and Bell was cute. Andy Wood also nailed the narrator. I can just imagine his kids lying in bed, wide-eyed as their dad takes them on an amazing adventure through imagination using nothing but his soothing tones.
  5. Pretty much this. Would it also be possible to bind a key for another action to use it combat? Front kick, power front kick, rear kick, bite and charge could be some of the combinations one could consider to expand the combat. I also managed to fall off the face of the level; then again I DID run through the invisible walls so it was my own fault. This is a wonderful concept John and Emily's art style suits it perfectly. Also massive props to the animation team! Well done to everyone and congratulations!
  6. I honestly don't know if I'm missing something towards the end of the game. Judging from the reactions of the LPBB team on the Day 10 documentary episode as well as Brad's reaction on the playthrough day, I was expecting something extremely weird and messed up as opposed to the relatively simple (POTATO) that can be activated at any point in the game. I'll need to play around with it some more. The ChatScript while absolutely fascinating and interesting needs a hell of a lot of work. For a prototype it's easy to see what Penn and the team were trying to shoot for and I can highly respect that. For most people though, not having the Buds react accordingly to what you're typing is a bit of a let down. There is also an issue where some of the vocals aren't firing. I can see what Big Leg and the other buds are saying in the subtitles but I can't hear the appropriate vocals for them. Also, where's Mr Anthony Vaughn on the wheels of steel/Pretty Lips? He said he fixed most of the subtitles to compensate for Raz's improv but there's still some mistakes there. For shame, Pretty Lips. I honestly want to see Penn back in the Double Fine studios to finish this idea. It has so much promise and potential and if he and the team can get it done as envisioned, there's no doubt this will be absolutely incredible!
  7. I see what you did there. For Annas' first project as lead and although this is a prototype, Dear Leader is fantastic! There's definitely a lot of systems work behind it which I really, REALLY want to see expanded upon. Similar to the other points raised in this thread, some of the edicts/reports didn't make sense especially with the counter-revolutionaries. I also couldn't seem to progress through to the end of the game without executing Generalissimo. Once I did get to the end and read the text talking about what I have done, it promptly boots me back to the office where all of my edicts have been removed with several ministers going through most of their dialogue one after the other. I'd have been happy with a 'Thank you for playing' and a 'Restart' game option. Other than that, congratulations to the Dear Leader team and congratulations to Anna for her first project!
  8. I voted for this prototype to be made simply due to the concept and the awesome visual style of Derek. While watching the AF documentary episodes I became worried; Derek obviously wasn't one to stand in front of a lot of people which made him extremely nervous and unsure of his idea. Thanks to Brad, Andy and the rest of the Mnemonic team, Dereks' vision for the game came to fruition and it was an absolute joy to play. In terms of feedback I have 2 main issues both stemming from the fact that this is a prototype: 1) Being that it's a first-person perspective game, a field of view slider/controller would have been fantastic. As it currently stands the FoV is ridiculously low at around 60ish when on PC it should be around 90ish. 2) The inventory system. During the playthrough streams both Tim and Isa had trouble managing the inventory and while I thought I wouldn't have those issues I did. It's not complex but it can be quite fiddly having to scroll with the mouse wheel, hold right click and then left click on the highlighted object. Is there a way to use keys to quickly change between (the at most 2) inventory items? Possibly Q and E or even 1 and 2. This is of course thinking about the future if this game should go into full production. Other than that, congratulations to Derek and the Mnemonic team! Well done!
  9. Was just about to post this. LPBB is the only game on Humble that currently isn't available for download. -EDIT- It's up now, go nuts.
  10. That's definitely something to consider. I'll add my two cents of an idea I've been shooting back and forth with Cheese (although I do agree with him that we should focus on the driving aspect first before attempting any on-foot section). My idea is primarily inspired by Happy Gilmore. You drive around in your cart, position yourself just right and when you get in range of your ball, you press a button/key to LEAP out of your cart, RUN towards the ball, whack it and jump back in again. It's important to note that during this sequence your cart is 'ghost riding' by your side. The entire sequence is automated or possibly having a button-mashed sequence to increase your speed. The further away from your ball the more 'Max' potential power you have at your disposal. There's a small cone to steer the direction of the ball in this sequence but it's largely dependent on the angle you drive at it with your cart. As to why you would want to leave your cart at all, it increases the risk of being run over by other players. After all, the goal of the game is to sink your ball while doing anything to stop the other players. It also adds a small layer of strategy - the further away from your ball the longer you're exposed to other players. There's nothing like the looming fear of being run over to force a player to make a quick decision. This idea keeps the game fast-paced while also adding a layer of strategy and several layers of chaos. I keep saying I'm going to sketch it out to help everyone visualise the camera angles and stuff but I just haven't found the time. I'll definitely get around to it while also attempting to add a few vocal files (mostly grunts, cheers and pain effects).
  11. Congrats to Cheese for being team lead. No pressure or anything. Also, judging from the github repo am I right in assuming you plan to make this a 2D game? A sidescroller or possibly a top-down game? I've got a few ideas (if the game is in 3D) which I'll sketch out and post when I have enough free time.
  12. It'd be nice to get some of the incredible skyboxes from BrĂ¼tal Legend. I just had a wild idea while eating dinner just now. What if the lobby system were the 'tee off' to each hole? Each player gets to make their shot, possibly see a map of where all the balls have landed and when all players select 'Ready!' it starts the countdown to the race.
  13. I remember Bad Golf always being pitched with everyone playing simultaneously. Think of it more as a racing game and less of a golf game. More driving, less... driving (HA! I MADE A PUN). Like a race everyone lines up, sets their initial direction/power/swing and once everyone is 'ready' (made their selection) everyone jumps in their respective carts and mayhem ensues. Unlike a race however the win condition in this case would be to get your ball in the hole with 'traditional' golf scoring. Birdie will become BADASS or something to that effect. The round ends once everyone has sunk their balls, meaning whoever sinks their ball first (or in rare instances gets a hole in one) gets to drive around and try to screw other players out of their scores.
  14. For me the two major inspirations I can see for Bad Golf 2 are Carmageddon and Road Rash; driving around this massive field while kicking/hitting/punching anything that comes close to your cart. However I think everyone using standard golf carts will become boring. Like Carmageddon, let's have different characters with totally unique vehicles. Since this is a DF inspired project, why not incorporate characters from their franchises such as Eddie Riggs w/ Duece, Shay w/ Mini-Mog Chothra etc. I absolutely hate the idea of a progression system. This is supposed to be a fun, wacky, over-the-top game; adding a progression system will do nothing but slow everything down and create a massive disadvantage to players who decide to join later. Call me old fashioned but games like DooM and Quake are infinitely more fun to play simply because everyone is on a level playing field and is reliant on player skill, not pointless upgrades that throw off balance ala CoD. Besides, I think it's out of scope for a community project. For a prototype there is no way in hell we can make a full 18 hole course (each hole being a separate map themed differently like Mini-Golf) OR different characters/carts. To get something out the door as fast as possible we'd need a human model, a golf-buggy model, one map (size pending), UI elements to show players where in the map their own ball and hole is and a way to get multiple players in the game. If we can get online play working, fan-freaking-tastic but chances are local play will be enough. I'd love to have more than 4 players (8-12 for more chaos) but again it's out of scope for the prototype. Anyone can dream big but we need to be absolutely realistic with our goals if we ever want something playable quickly.
  15. Oh man that skill tree concept looks amazing. Love the angular look to it. It's a shame I won't be able to watch it live. :\
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