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  1. considering the blur effect never worked right, I'd assume that we're seeing another kind of glitch on the blur-enabled shot. The foreground was probably meant to be in focus and the background out of focus, but the reverse happened.
  2. I'd back another Double Fine adventure game in a heartbeat. Easy or not, it has a great story, and it was $15 for not only (a presumed) 8 hours of gameplay, but also a great documentary that's several hours long. I would have felt I got my money's worth if I'd spent $30 on it. I agree. I feel very satisfied with my choice to back this. I've complained about the difficulty, and it is an issue, but I only care about that issue because I love everything else about the game so much! And being able to watch a 45 minute documentary on the process once a month, how can you even put a price on that? I'm a huge fan of double fine, and very into the game development process, so I couldn't ask for more. But...if I could...please make harder maybe? THANKS DF!
  3. absolutely Curtis! hahahahaha. man it would never occur to me to write a lumberjack like a hipster. haha. but it's such a perfect idea! on a related note, do you think hipsters are self aware enough to be self loathing? I mean, they hate the cliche and unoriginal. They crave to be the first to like something before it becomes mainstream. And yet, they are unoriginal cliches of the mainstream. Are they wearing their identity ironically as well?
  4. i wasn't 100% positive, but it was my top theory as I played through. I got Vella to Meriloft and then switched to Shay and played through his whole section before going back to Vella. I could tell what was going on when I was playing as shay. Obviously no one was telling him the truth. And he had no first hand contact with anything he was interacting with. All information was delivered through screens. I guess I'm a paranoid person because I don't trust anything giving to me through a screen. Also the weaver robot would just say nonsensical things while he would prepare to weave a starchart. It's fair to say that he's already ridiculous so of course he's saying ridiculous stuff, but that's not how it felt to me. It felt like he was nonsensical because he wasn't actually navigating a spaceship. Since I established we weren't actually saving aliens in space, the connection became obvious between how we would collect 3 beings and leave 1 behind, and Mog Chathra had been doing the same. And since there must be some connection between the 2 characters, the end twist was the only possible explanation I could come up with. Once I saw the stars fall at the end of Shay's section, then I became positive
  5. very much agreed. I hope the final release of parts one and two includes a "mega-monkey" mode
  6. I feel like a jerk for bringing this up, but I can't help but wonder how things would have gone if grumpy Ron was working on it too. Didn't it use to be Ron doing puzzles and Tim writing dialogue?
  7. I agree with the criticisms here. I love the story, but the interface wasn't great, and the easy puzzles made it hard to 'live' in any one area. I'd love if they had a "mega-monkey!" Difficulty setting unlocked when part 2 comes out. That doesn't require a ton more assets, some items and dialogue, and having a puzzle be 3 steps instead of 1 step adds a lot of time to the game
  8. Agreed. And I kept wanting to click an item to use it instead of dragging. There was one time I was about to use an item to solve a puzzle and I accidentally just clicked it, making Shay examine it, and he just blurted out the solution to the puzzle. Uhg. Really took the wind outta my sails
  9. yay! Well now I don't mind these being issues for the beta. I'm just glad it'll be fixed for the commercial release.
  10. Interesting. This would imply that perhaps there is an actual bug at work here, in which the filter is failing to produce the desired amount of blur at the various zoom levels. Even the "correct" shot you link doesn't look fantastic to me, but it's certainly better than the pixelation on the "incorrect shot" (which is how the majority of closeups looked for me during my playthrough) I noticed the close ups looking a lot better in Shellmound as well. It would make sense that this blur was supposed to be applied in every closeup, especially considering how obvious this issue is and how much attention to detail is paid in every other aspect of the game. I agree that higher res art would be the best option, but it'd be huge if they just got this blur working. It would remove the distraction. Except for in Meriloft. The fountain and the shoe store really need resolution since they don't feel like close ups as much as locations within the meriloft hub
  11. I'm almost certain it isn't but if it was, it would be a horrible decision. Especially in Vella's world, pixels just aren't a thing. Even right angles aren't really a thing. It's different for Shay but still, why normal objects should look like they are made out of Lego eludes me even in a sci-fi setting, as does your argument about brush strokes and Lego somehow being related in a way. The pixelation was definitely not a stylistic choice. But the brush strokes were. It probably wasn't intentional to have the scale of the brushstroke marks vary relatively as much as they do, but a lot of that is unavoidable. As for why the pixelation is there, there are 2 possible reasons. 1, it was not originally intended to be zoomed in on and there is no more resolution in the original painting files. Or 2, they are working within a certain max resolution for their textures. With either issue, the solution would involve placing pieces of art in top of the backdrop that are higher resolution to specifically accommodate the presentation of the close ups. Likely involving painting new art for those pieces, or at minimum taking a higher sampled copy of the art from the original background, eleminating the pixelation, however leaving very large brush strokes. That's the quicker answer, and would help, but won't look as nice as repainted sections specifically for the closeups
  12. yeah I noticed this too. Also had a couple of times when Vella appeared behind the ladder.
  13. yes! shellmound. so yes man that was my favorite part of the game in every way
  14. yeah that's the question right there. And i'd like to know if shay's "dad" has anything to do with it too. He was so hands off, but always lurking around in the background. and what's up with shay's "mom"? She mentioned some story about a girl breaking from tradition or something
  15. Took me about 4.5 hours too I played the beginning of Vella's section, and then all of Shay's before going back, and I think that made the plot twist very obvious for me. I called it really early on in my play through
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