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  1. I forgot to ask the question, which was the reason why i read all 11 pages of this thread (which took me over 2 hours, btw)... Would it be possible to write some kind of algorithm to take care of lip sync animations in talk scenes? Would it be possible to draw facial expressions (or only the mouth) for the most common syllables. (You know, word consists of syllables.. I don't know is this the right word, i'm from Finland you know. English is really not my native language...) And then the algorithm handles the text dialog and splits the sentences and words into syllables, which all got their own sprite for animation. Of course there could be problems in the timing with the voice over.. I don't know.. This is just my thought how the lip sync could be done better if someone could implement this..? How lip sync animation is usually done in games (or in animated cartoons)? I have no idea, but i'd love to know! Do you only cycle randomly couple of different facial expressions, or something more sophisticated? I've been wondering this ever since the first time in the 1993 I played Sierra's Gabriel Knight (sins of the fathers) which had really good lip sync animations in the talk scenes (when compared to other adventure games of that era)..
  2. Great idea Sabarok! Grim Fandango used this kind of interaction with objects (Mannys head turned towards the nearest object). Thanks to Oliver and Ray for really interesting insights to development This discussion about animation techniques is becoming really interesting.. As most of us backers, I'm also big fan of old sprite animations used in Lucas games in the 90's. But since we're gonna play DFA in HD resolutions and all the other dynamic visual elements like parallax backgrounds, light and particle effects are gonna be animated in such a smooth way (30/60fps), I believe the hand-drawn sprite animations stands out in a wrong way. I've noticed the same "fault" (in my opinion, at least) in the Whispered World and in the MI special editions. The biggest difference is when the character is walking. The sprite container moves smoothly in 60 FPS but the animation cycle changes in lets say 12 FPS. This is tricky.. In the end i believe the skeletal animation approach DF devs chose is the better one. Specially when they do the "impossible poses" in sprite technique. It's gonna be kind of mix, but in a good way i believe. Guys know how to do it within the limits of good taste. Keep up the good work Oliver and Ray!
  3. Works great on iPad 2, even on HD. The movie itself was great! You should really check it out
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