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  1. Are you copying text over manually or do you have an automatic import/export path for google docs? Btw, I found the translate function in google spreadsheets quite useful to generate placeholder translations. It is not good enough for release, but it gives a good idea about missing characters in a font or text spacing.
  2. A minor quibble: You get the "It's that same religious symbol.." text even if the pedestal is the first thing you click on in the room. The hotspots of the symbols, the life support system and the hanging crystals overlap in ways that make it not clear what the text is referring to sometimes.
  3. I hope this works: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=217169832 The splash is not below the monster. An easy fix would be to teleport it to the correct position during the closeup.
  4. I was going to report a problem with a black window on startup (and only sound) when I noticed the date for the graphics driver was June 2013 and the driver utility reported the driver was up to date. I went directly to the ATI web page and got the latest drivers from there and that fixed it. So I guess the advice is to go directly to the manufacturer for driver versions.
  5. Loss of contrast: Make sure you do the mip filtering in linear light space! That was the single most important quality improvement I ever did to mipmapping code on an engine, even more important than fancy filter kernels. 1) Gamma should be in the png header, but I fall back to 2.3 or 1.9 if it is missing or reported at 1.0, depending if the original artwork was previewed on a TV or a computer monitor. 2) Do the transform from gamma space into linear space, make sure you use float values to avoid losing precision in dark areas. 3) Filter down to the desired mip level. I actually prefer a box filter, because you don't get ringing artefacts. But let artists decide. An important test is that you don't gain or lose energy with your filter, so a pure white or pure black texture should not change. 4) Do the transform from linear to gamma space and round back to integer. You could just use the inverse of the value you used before, or you could select whatever your target platform uses. Try this, especially without your contrast filter, and compare the results!
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