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  1. Yah - honestly, requesting a refund given the announcement seemed a little silly. Presumably they backed because they wanted the project; and they've now... what? Decided they don't like adventure games after all? Decided they'd rather wait for retail? Decided to boycott Broken Age and Double Fine altogether? I bet they still pick it up at retail, the sneaky cads. Edit - Thanks for the prompt update Chris!
  2. I don't know if this thread is still monitored, and it may be in bad taste, but I was wondering whether we could get any statement as to how much of the initial backing sum has been refunded to the (incredibly vocal but hopefully very few) backers who demanded refunds after the July update? How many of us are still on board with you?
  3. I cheat all the time in adventure games. It's not a matter of me and my willpower, I'm happy to admit upfront that I cheat - I also work - the unfortunate truth is I like a lot of games (and TV shows/movies) and there's only so much time in a day after 10 hrs work.
  4. Come to Australia and say that. At $10 (2-2.5 hrs), it was definitely cheaper than a movie ($20). Tim Schafer doesn't live in Australia. He should - it's better than anywhere else So many deadly things. SO. MANY.
  5. No. It is not. Seriously. Why are you being so rude? Can you qualify what precisely you mean as 'rude', please, I'm honestly not sure in what context you're using that word. By way of perspective, I'd like to note that I personally upgraded my KS donation in order to get the better version of the documentary. I like adventure games, sure, but I like the idea of seeing what goes on in DF behind the scenes just as much. I think this poll is a touch offensive because the implication I take from it is that you think that the documentary team isn't entitled or deserving of sharing in the good fortune that befell this KS project, despite being an inherent part of it. Who knows what the documentary business model looked when they hopped on board - maybe this could let them be in different aspects of the studio on the same day, as opposed to just interviewing people at particular stages. In any event, your point makes no more sense (to me, and not trying to be rude) than saying "lets check how many people who funded speak English versus how many speak German - then, if the Germans funded less, lets put more money into English voice actors, and use babelfish.altavista.com for a text-only German translation". The conclusions to be drawn from the poll are that you'd wish the studio to comply with the poll result, which at least has an inference that you believe DF: 1. can't effectively manage their funds; 2. would give the funds to the documentary team to do 'nothing'; 3. have no idea how to make the KS project (as a whole) meet up to the goals of the KS funders (as a whole); or 4. would prejudice an aspect of the game itself (which seems highly unlikely if they thought it could be made better) in order to send the funds elsewhere. If you're going to hop on the 'it's my money and I get to say how it's spent' bandwagon, you should have done that before sending it to someone else to spend, with only vague instructions on what to do with it.
  6. Come to Australia and say that. At $10 (2-2.5 hrs), it was definitely cheaper than a movie ($20). It's kind of like seeing people talk about $50.00 games generally - when did that happen? Also - what's a game? It was an interactive experience in which you controlled the character. The real question is if people had been given slightly more control (i.e. they could turn the flash-light on themselves, or run and jump if they wanted), they'd say this isn't a game. Compare it to Amnesia, for example, 90% of that is the ambient atmosphere and the odd journal entry - you run away from almost everything, but you get to occasionally open a door or draw, hit a switch etc, and that makes it cross the line. How much interaction is necessary before it becomes a game? Sure - I'd count Dear Esther as a game.
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