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  1. To be fair, that puzzle changed a lot during development and many players new and experienced were getting stuck in Shay's routine. I only really had to do this routine twice or so. The huge number of alternative cereals and such was wonderful, but that gag is largely wasted as players might not even get a chance to experience it. It's good you address playtester feedback, but I think most of us feel that unfortunately the sample size might've been too small. Or the corrections too extreme. I think having his "take a dive" dialog be delayed until X number of circuits are complete would be a good idea. Or to require an extra item to escape, like a blowhorn or something to scare the mountain to pulling the bridge back, etc. Still, great work on the title, excited for Act 2.
  2. I never returned to the tree after freeing Gus, so I had none of that. The fruit needs to have some kind of necessity to it so you get it before you leave Meriweather. I thought of one myself, but any one would be adequate to make sure the player carries it with them to the beach. This puzzle is even more frustrating if you are like me and it is literally the only item you don't have, and thus upon finding it, immediately know it has to be the solution to the riddle.
  3. Agreed: My own thoughts on a few simple difficulty tweaks that should (hopefully) be easy to implement in-game. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/319614/
  4. I think they should just lock in these puzzles and solutions as "Easy" difficulty, and just update the game with a more challenging normal difficulty. That way everyone can be happy.
  5. This is clever. I also thought this "puzzle" could use just a tiny bit more difficulty. Ex: Add a branch by Gus at the bottom you can collect. And add a large board/plank/branch/whatever over the hole above him. Moving the obstruction would require the branch, and cloud shoes (so you don't plummet through). Suddenly the puzzle is a little less accidental, requires 2 objects and a tiny bit of thought to complete, and also requires that you have met Gus before freeing him.
  6. Because the thread was originally about making the game better by making it a bit more difficult? It definitely doesn't suck, it's great. But KestrelPi is right, there are too many hints. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/319614/ I wrote up my thoughts on this long-form in the post I linked, but the short version with just a few tweaks many of the puzzles could be extended to be multi-step and require just a bit more thought and combination, as well as making a few of the puzzles more compelling. For example, for Gus, move the portal that solves the puzzle so it's not in the way and accidentally solved. But also put a board over it. You can remove the board after you have cloud shoes and a branch that you pickup near Gus. Boom, now you go talk to Gus, get branch, leave, get cloud shoes, go back, pry up board, stick breaks, fall through. The puzzle is just a little bit tougher, but again, it feels more satisfying for the user to put together themselves and have that a-ha! moment. Vella's section was much better than Shay's. Though I enjoyed Shay's as well, it was not dense enough in puzzles given how small it was. I have no problem with Act 1 having an easy version. Save this state of the puzzles as "Easy", seriously, and just tweak normal difficulty to be tougher than this. Everyone is happy.
  7. I wasn't disappointed in the Act 1 as a whole. I was quite satisfied, and it did feel like an Adventure game to me. That said, I echo many here on the forums in saying that the puzzles are simply too easy, but primarily in regards to how they are presented. Each puzzle usually only requires one piece to solve it, and often you will have this piece AGES before you encounter what it is for, like the crystal sun from the cabin, and it moots and real difficulty. I made a separate post in the difficulty thread about simple-ish tweaks to add a good bit of difficulty along the way that I hope they can add in a patch. I'm still excited for Act 2, and I hope it comes together nicely.
  8. *Spoilers, but you should be finished if reading this thread anyways.* Gotta agree with this post right here. There was very little discovery beyond simply acquiring the right items. Often if you had the items from just being diligent, you would never backtrack. Dialog paths seemed to be completely exposed from the start. Someone brought up the example of Vella and hat, and this is a PERFECT example of something that could be fixed in an update with Act 2 perhaps. Simply requiring the player to see the sap puke first, then have that trigger a dialog flag to comment on collecting the sap somehow and unlock the option to collect the hat from the Mayor. This makes some kind of sense and the whole puzzle would feel more like we put it together ourselves rather than just fitting together random pieces. Pretty much the only things we can interact with are the items we acquire, and people. Some rooms, like the Lumberjack's cabin, should have far more interactivity. There is a window, an axe, an art, and some boards. It feels like the only thing you don't collect is the boards. This occurs in Shay's world quite a bit as well, as the simulator rooms are fairly barren, with only one or two objects to inspect. Another great example of item dependency is the fruit in Meriloft. The fruit is mentioned by Gus if you talk to him, but if you were one of many who accidentally solved that puzzle early (this should be fixed, make it the other portal instead), or if you simply don't grasp any significance from it, nothing requires you to gather the fruit at all before leaving Meriloft. Since this is such a big transition, I think most people would expect the game to make sure they have what they need to progress. Unfortunately, I did not collect the fruit (just forgot to go back after Harm'ny), and thus spent quite a long time searching for an item along the beach I could use. Almost none of the dialog choices really required any clever solutions unfortunately, most required you to either use an item on the character, or just try the other dialog choice. So, my criticisms off the top of my head: * More items to inspect. The distraction is necessary for world building, and to challenge us to find things. * Hidden dialog tree options. Make us need an object before we might go looking for it. Then reveal dialog for it. * Change a few of the Act 1 Puzzles. Nothing huge, but a few small tweaks could make them much more engaging. To expand on that: Simple difficulty bumps: Shay: * Hide the vent key somewhere in the room, require Shay to dig through more stuff to find it. Have Marek give a note instead hintng at this. * Hide something in the trash disposal. Maybe require the whip cream dispenser to use a nozzle you could find here or something. * Require Shay to find Grabbin Gary's remote, or to replace the batteries. * Make escaping the routine a bit more difficult. It is true you have to do it a few times, but there is zero difficulty in it, as it is very obviously stated by Shay as the solution many times if you wait on the train stage. Remove this dialog, or trigger it only if the player has been through that "bored" version of it 2-3 times already. Vella: * The hat situation above. * Make the fruit necessary to leave Meriloft somehow. Pick up two and be required to feed one to Jessie so you have the spare for the riddle, and it isn't an obvious solution because you already used it. * Move the hole in the clouds that releases Gus to be the upper one. Might not have visual symmetry, but it would prevent more folks from missing his character entirely. @Tim and anyone on the team reading though: I still loved this game quite a lot. The art style is amazing, and I think this was by far the right choice. The music is phenomenal, and the dialog had me smiling the entire time, as well as the voice actors. The only thing missing here is the difficulty. I think the genre being "retired" so long, and all the pressure from this probably made you guys over-estimate how tough this might be for us, or perhaps you just really wanted to go easy on us for Act 1. But I hope Act 1 and 2 can be revisited, and brought up to a slightly tougher level. The game theory behind your designs are sound, and watching the documentary you have spoken before on not wanting to highlight useless objects, and use the right visual language, etc. But I think this was focused on a little too heavily here.
  9. When playing game in 1280x720p fullscreen, the subtitle for the line when you check the mailbox outside the Woodworker's cottage rapidly oscillates between being spread over two or three lines. Very epileptic. edit: I am a bad bad man and found a duplicate thread when using different search operators. Sorry!
  10. Upon quick traveling from the central hub in Meriweather to the lower area of the Maiden's Feast aftermath, the ambient dialog between Vella and the teenage daughter triggers. Vella's line "How's it hanging" is delivered fine. However the subsequent line from the daughter is "Good one" and comes out roughly twice the expected volume, and with distortion. Was able to reproduce the error many times. Frankly, it scared the poop out of me while I was playing in surround sound. https://www.dropbox.com/s/isntz6z08t4rbl0/DxDiag.txt https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jhsadpewwuw3ri/auto.sav Hopefully this is easy to pin down.
  11. Obviously there will be updates for non-backers. They're not producing the game in a vacuum and anyone pretending that there won't be some amount of press sent out is just being unrealistic. I think the type of content we'll see here in the forum will be much more akin to the type of things we might encounter were we to tour the DF offices during production. Concept art, palettes, color keys, etc. Schematics. Things we may affect with our input, and things we can't as well. I still strongly propose they promise to make the backer forums open to the public when the game is complete. That was we get this privilege during development, but ultimately no one is left out once the project is over if they're curious how this grand experiment worked out. It'll also make everyone who wants "free information" feel satisfied in knowing everyone will get to share in the spectacle of the process once it's over. And should Double Fine or any other company attempt a second kickstarter like this, having an open archive of these forums would be helpful in making people believe in the concept if it works.
  12. I think delaying them till chapter bookends would satisfy those not wanting them popping up in the middle. You can't change the console OS, and honestly even Steam probably reports achievements earned instantly, but the game itself can choose when to invoke these messages. Wouldn't it be kind of hilarious to finish the final, massive, end credits, only to see a huge MASS of awards start flying up: "Adventure Complete" "Time Paradox" "1up" "I dont ev-" "-en know wha-" "t's going on!" Things like this are where achievements are great.
  13. I think that while I enjoy achievements sometimes, I don't really know how they'd fit in an Adventure game. It's not exactly an instant-action type of gameplay, so the achievement system would be very jarring at points. Perhaps if they were implemented as in Heavy Rain, or a few other titles, where they were delayed until the end of a sequence or chapter in the game. As for exclusives, I hate them with a passion. While I'm proud to support DF and the game, people who decide to buy the game later should get the same amount of enjoyment and reward from playing as I do.
  14. Thankfully I'm not too worried about that, without naming any particular popular gaming forums access to these requires both an active interest in the ideas behind the project and a monetary contribution rather than just a login and a penchant for troublemaking, so I'm thinking that most everyone here is mature enough not to spoiler anything intentionally, and to avoid the spoiler forum if they don't wish to see that kind of information. edit: Almost reported you by accident haha! Report button here is in the same place as the quote button over in the Wasteland forums, that's going to be interesting haha. Please don't do that! I'm a backer of Wastland 2 as well, so it'd be a real shame. Lets try to get along, backer buddy! Hahaha.
  15. I see a few people mentioning Portal 2 Co-op, but I think there's a better example to be had in the single player itself. In principle, someone already said that Puzzles are excellent when they make you feel smart. Now, this means different things to different gamers. To a casual gamer, Portal 1 and Portal 2 both accomplish this. But for people who go out of their way to throw money at a game project like this, I think we'd qualify as a bit more than "Casual". In Portal 1, you had white rooms, where nearly anything was portal-able. It meant you had could try many different positions and attempts, before finding the optimal combination, or the right surface to use. By contrast, in Portal 2, you had a large amount of non-portal-able surfaces show up, so many large puzzles were reduced to "find the white panel". Both games were totally excellent, but they provide a really good example of this contrast. It doesn't translate directly to an adventure game at all, but the principle of keeping puzzles fun without restricting choice is a good point. If there are 30 things we could break a window with, let us break it with 30 things. Don't have us randomly drop 29 things just before encountering the windows. That feels quite forced and to smarter gamers, will make it feel like a forced solution.
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