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  1. They might already begin thinking up new stretch goals, because the current ones might already be reached in a day.
  2. While I disagree with most of what the topic starter has said I think he is right about this point. Act 1 was not a connected experience in gameplay sense. You could play the full Vella or Shay part before starting with the next. To change this up in Act 2 and making the gameplay actually interconnect is then a bit unexpected and should've be hinted a bit better imho. The rest of the puzzling was totally fine and logical.
  3. Finished the whole game just now. I replayed Act 1 again last weekend to get in the mood. I already loved that act and this time played it the other way around, by starting with Vella and then doing Shay's part. It's fun to see how that gives you a much better insight in what is going on during the Shay part. Act 2 was wonderful as well. The puzzles were so much better this time around and I found most of them to be quite logical. One complaint I've seen in a review and that I stumbled upon as well is the puzzles that require playing the other character for a while. Since you could play Act 1 in one big stretch you would get the impression that you could also do this for Act 2. This was not the case and unfortunately this wasn't hinted at well enough (or not even at all during the Vella part, which I started with). Besides that little flaw I had a great time. Loved the puzzles, loved the characters, loved the art, loved the music. Basically I loved it all. Great game!
  4. Thanks for the game, It's been a great ride, Now I will play. To Tim and the rest of Double Fine: Congratulations on releasing the game and thank you for making this. I totally love Act 1, so I'm sure I will love Act 2 even more. After that I will still have the joy of watching most of the documentary episodes, so this surely isn't your final word to me. It's been a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs for you these last three years, but I'm glad we could help you realize this dream of making a new adventure game.
  5. Thanks! I totally love the InsideCastle sketch.
  6. Would love to hear the other two. I only caught a part of one of those on the livestream, but it was extremely funky.
  7. Keep an eye on Terence's web site. He might sell it himself. Seth B So he did the music for Dustforce. Some of those tracks are really similar to the music in these episodes, so I already thought he did.
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