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  1. we don't NEED verb coins or anything like that, but playing on PC with no functions beside LMB feels like it's a smartphone port, which is less than ideal. i liked the game and the controls were totally servicable, but the inventory would've been better if you opened it with RMB, closed it by hovering outside that window, examined stuff with RMB and selected them with LMB. using the edge of the screen is too much like using an operating system. i never liked how sierra had their verb-icons at the top either, always rightclicked to cycle through them instead. really liked how many recorded messages there were for offering items to people or using them in the wrong place, kudos for that. would've been even better if there were RMB "look at" options for everything as well as interacting/talking, just so you'd instantly know what a click would do. but we can live without that.
  2. Yeah, played both as well. Space Quest came before the SCUMM-games. Sierra's games were fun, but obtuse and unforgiving as hell, so when I discovered a different team doing the same kind of games, only you could play these games leisurely and figure everything out as you go without ending up stranded in the end for missing something earlier on, I couldn't really play the old AGI and SCI-games anymore. You could say Sierra made some experimental precursors in the genre, and LucasArts perfected it.
  3. Lotsa reasons. LucasArts were my favorites in the mid-90's, loved each and every adventure I played, from Monkey Island to Full Throttle. But most of all; publishers today have crazy delusions about every game shipped reaching Call of Duty's level of sales, and dismiss everything else as "niche"-markets. So now, pretty much every genre except FPS, sports and Kinect-games are viewed as high-risk projects. This project was a great way to circumvent all that, so I was happy to chip in. The free download doesn't hurt either, but I'd rather pick up a retail print later on.
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