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  1. just picked my box up at the postoffice here in Japan! I love it!! very nostalgic. cant wait to go through the discs when I have time...great work you guys, as always.
  2. Nitpicker's Corner

    That shot is extreme, but generally, as with todds trailer there, the palette is softened up and is less sharp. Its a bit of a shame but ok. But generally the backgrounds feel too photoshoppy to me. It feels like "we cant spend too much money on this so get some art interns to paint over the original pixelated backgrounds". Maybe it cant be helped, money is money. Some of the cels look great and others look like they have gone through an automated vectorization... I wonder if that is in fact the case to be able to make it a little faster.
  3. Episode 20: We Did Our Job

    oh man!! what a great last episode!! so strange to look back on all the people involved whove disappeared along the way. thanks for all the hard work everyone! thanks for doing this. kinda sad that it was sorta hinted at that there will be at least a break from documented development...I want more! I hope you do it again sometime in the future. its been such a great ride. too bad that a bunch of retards shouting in the street and maladjusted teenagers (and a few "journalists") managed to seriously discourage you guys... I mean that seriously. but great that at least tim takes the correct attitude in those situations which is: if you dont like it f off. and the game was amazing as well of course! said it before and Ill say it again: best money Ive ever spent on anything entertainment related. much love
  4. thanks for the explanation tim! I really like that stuff about realizing that your parents are human beings. until now I was thinking of it more in terms of just being estranged and distant from your parents as a part of being/becoming a teenager...but what youre talking about is a different and bigger/better angle =) man I REALLY dig how you combine these themes with the fantastical setting. extremely nice and unique. that said, I still feel like it maybe wouldnt have hurt with some more fictional reasons for the long time they were locked away/ fiddling with the ship somewhere...either a thrush thing (shay being quarantined as part of the ritual, maybe the parents were convinced they had some sort of disease that they didnt want to pass on to shay) or that shay himself played more of a part in isolating himself, with the parents actually trying to make physical contact from time to time. by the way... I had never heard the word thrush before and had to look it up (and probably this has been discussed before): so does that refer to the singing bird or the vagina thing? I assume that word has more connotations than whats in the dictionary?
  5. Dev's Play

    Without subtitles its pretty bad, after watching that twitch stream where they try a lot of metroidvanias... so Im with you there I only watched a little bit of the stream. 2 or 3 of the games. It was fun, but it was mostly the American guys talking. A lot of the time I kinda felt like... why aren't we talking to IGA more? Was still fun though. mmm...yeah. if axiom verge guy and shadow complex guy could have talked design more directly with Iga that could have been amazing. more amazing I mean. and they did touch on some design stuff. I misunderstood and thought he was going to play ori though - was looking forward to that...
  6. Dev's Play

    Without subtitles its pretty bad, after watching that twitch stream where they try a lot of metroidvanias... so Im with you there
  7. Dev's Play

    @Paul Great work on the Iga pitch vid! hehe..he seems like a good sport. Hope youll collaborate during the project as well! What? Youre not going to argue about it forever?
  8. Dev's Play

    They seem to be working together so he must be decently comfortable/used to least lets hope so. man I wanna know who did the subs now. I just assumed it was the same guy but it IS a little strange to go so over the top and then completely dial it back for the subs...
  9. Dev's Play

    I didnt mean that the added stuff was actually _working_ that great. I dont think that stuff makes much sense either, but the subtitles makes up for it as they are pretty spot on. But its probably why he did it, and I can appreciate that its a tough job to do on the fly. Ok. so if you were invited to a studio overseas to talk about your stuff, and there was a translator dude (which he isnt by the way...I mean, thats probably just part of his actual job right?) doing his best (maybe not perfectly) and correct subtitles showing what youre actually saying...youd be a little miffed. well...
  10. Dev's Play

    Presumably the same guy did the subtitled translation as well afterwards, no? In that case he would have corrected himself, even at the cost of making himself seem a bit silly. which is cool. yeah...some of the stuff is very improvised and changes how igarashi talks and his whole personality. it does feel like he misunderstands some of it and tries to cover up by being really confident, unnecessarily. but thats a reaaally hard situation to be in I reckon - he has to make it interesting for both igarashi and anna and theres pacing and stuff. and wine. japanese is hard dude. If there hadnt been subtitles Id have an issue with it possibly.
  11. Dev's Play

    the castlevania one was awesome!! so unexpected. but so cool! thanks guys thanks anna!! well done all around! my takeaway from it was not to overdirect (not that Im in a position to)- let creative people run wild to an extent and they will take it upon themselves to do a great job and take it in unexpected directions. Also the importance of extras and fun stuff stuck in. Im always so surprised at how wacky japanese game designers are, something that society, companies and school here doesnt seem to try to cultivate at all but still its undeniably there.
  12. I chose pledge more. Not because I think they could have used more money for various aspects of the game - thats probably not how it works and I imagine it would get tim to try something even bigger and go over that budget as well. which is perfectly fine. I dont know what more or less money would have made. Nor do I know enough of what went on inside DF to have a perspective on the loads of extra funds put into the much it actually hurt etc. It hasnt been easy obviously...But the finished game hits a great level of size and production values...and fanfare. (Bet a number of new players found the genre because of the headlines) Anyways I chose more just because I feel Ive gotten more value out of this whole deal than I imagined. Best money (100 bucks) Ive ever spent on any kind of entertainment.
  13. SPOILERS - Stuck

    thats super interesting guys/gals! I have terrible sense of pitch also...Heres one tip though, have you tried humming along and noting when youre putting more strain on your vocal cords? (more strain > higher pitch)
  14. SPOILERS - Stuck

    oh shit. thats kind of an interesting way of solving it. do you mean you didnt think the song was important until then? and out of interest, do you play an instrument or have any experience with music? or dont rather. to me it seemed kind of obvious but its hard to imagine how someone whos perhaps never played an instrument would see it. thats cool with the subtitles. they really care about people with various disabilities....thats color blindness and deafness down. and muteness and leglessness...ness
  15. thats a neat idea but...not in english.
  16. SPOILERS - Stuck

    the thing on the wall is just a hint to tell you that musical version of the nav scarf plays from left to right and has three pitches. the tune you need is the one that alex plays for you (last destination). you can ask him to play it as a dialog option and when you use the flute thing on him.
  17. SPOILERS - Stuck

    thats not the pattern you need. you dont need to remove stitches
  18. [Spoilers] Act 2 - I think this is a bug?

    Huh? the direction is the only thing that matters isnt it, ie from the nexus and out? same as shay. I didnt experience anything weird.
  19. I thought for a while that operation dandelion was something more like a colonization project (with some genetic purpose), mostly based on the name itself, where these boy children were sent out to collect a harem of girls to restart a certain population (perhaps an old royal family or almost extinct race). although I could never make that work really with the exact 14 year cycle. thought that if maybe he was a prince or someone who tradition demanded be trained in heroism and goodness while the program still requiring him to do dodgy things like kidnapping. Perhaps the girl(s) would later be convinced (or brainwashed) that theyd been chosen to be princesses and so go along with it. It already is of course but it would be in line with the subversion of prince-princess stories if he actually was a prince or equivalent. Toyed with the idea that Loruna was long gone and shay was artificially concieved or unfrozen in the ship. I didnt think the parents were real, just that it was all an automated facility for bringing up a kid. also thought marek was another robot, representing hairy puberty and interest in girls. (which he still does but I mean as a part of the ship program) and that maybe there would be a twist where marek would seem bad but then turn out good - a sheep in wolfs clothing. also absolutely thought that shay would do vellas journey in reverse and end up in sugar bunting where hed turn the population around to their warlike roots and face off with the witch. it was pretty obvious that she was a bad one or someone that knew what was going on but didnt have any concrete ideas how. since its mentioned that shes super old (or could be) maybe shed have SOME connection with that ancient kingdom. obviously something important would be beyond the plague dam but didnt think itd actually be loruna. maybe a gate of some kind. dimensional or temporal
  20. oh shit... matt. =( so sorry about your loss. great interview!
  21. thats the weirdest thing to think.
  22. Colourblindness and the wiring puzzle

    hats off to DF for thinking about it! thats amazing! I was worried when color seemed to become a part of the puzzles but I got through fine (albeit I only have a mild color blindness). But I never really thought about what measures you took to design around it. thanks for your kindness anna, bert and all of DF!
  23. Best Act 2 Puzzles (spoilers, obv)

    Oh right. that was two different ones...were they asked in succesion or was it one random question?
  24. Best Act 2 Puzzles (spoilers, obv)

    the first wiring puzzle is top one for me for sure. I just loved how it works by you starting out just trying random stuff, realize that maybe you should be taking notes, and then you realize that you should go look for clues (clues that are there when you see them but didnt make sense before) and then just work through it. and the core of it is beautifully simple. and then it comes back with twists later! perfectly executed. and previously mentioned ones, like the navsong, the knots...the boots. and also...what? you actually name his plushie? (which I did get the hint for but was that ever an option?) wasnt "can we not do this..." the "right" answer? Also the snake actually. I like the subtle (or maybe they were just subtle to me hehe) hints a lot. Although I was confused by the fact that itd be so much easier to lead HIM over to the tree. I guess maybe other people solved it faster but to me it was really satisfying to realize what to do suddenly just sitting at work, away from the game. damn. I love almost all of them. spaghetti fork. freezing the core to make a time-bomb... so much funny and at the same time logical stuff. classic tim. =)