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  1. Great stuff. Makes me wish I'd submitted a video myself but I'm not so much "with the words". Good job to those who did, you fedora wearing weirdos.
  2. Nice work as usual. If it hasn't been said enough, I'll say it again, 2PP, you guys are doing great work. I only know a little about video production, but still, it's very well done. I lol'd at Tim's awkward walk down the long hallway. I like Broken Age. But I wouldn't have gotten hung up on it if it were something else. Well...unless it was flat out stupid but that wasn't going to happen. My immediate thought when it showed that scene of them watching the trailer on their phones on YouTube was "Oh man, don't read the comments!" YouTube comments are the worst. Keep it up! Looks great.
  3. Finally caught up. 2PP still churning out great stuff. Keep it up! This ep. shows the kind of stuff I always assume goes on behind the scenes but it's tough seeing the faces of those struggling through it. Keep pushing, just not to the point that you start hating the product. I can't speak for everyone else but I backed bc I wanted to see another Tim Schafer adventure game. I have faith that no matter what you guys end up having to do financially, you won't lose the vision. Anyway, keep up the great work everyone!
  4. Great episode. I don't really have much to add. Keep up the good work and have fun doing it(both DF & 2PP). Loved how the last shot panned over to the brick wall for the credits. I've been meaning to say how much I love the theme song for the documentary. I bet one of the toughest parts of game development is the point between pre-production & seeing the game mechanics/art as it will be in the full game, for the 1st time.
  5. Keep up the good work Double Fine and 2 Player Productions! You've got my full support(which I realize means very little but still...). I'm impressed with what I'm seeing so far. It's hard seeing you guys have to struggle through the tough decisions but I assume it's just a part of game development. It's work. Hard work. But I trust you guys. Good luck everyone and when the work is hard, try not to hate your jobs too much.
  6. Great update. As other said, it was cool getting to see artists at work and how their methods differ. Also, I must say, I really loved the part with Peter Chan. What I got out of that was that he seems so well balanced and knows not to let his work swallow him up and become his identity. He knows to separate and disconnect when he's done for the day. Not that he wasn't still open for inspiration but that it's important to give yourself a break or you'll hate what you do. Plus, like someone already mentioned, that story about his dad saving his drawings was pretty touching and that's coming from an emotionless twenty-something year old who never takes anything seriously, haha. Anyway, I just thought that was really cool. I like what I'm seeing and hearing. Keep up the good work everyone!
  7. Thanks for this! I'm one of those people who have tried free-writing but couldn't keep my pen moving bc my brain couldn't keep up so I'd stop.
  8. I think some people are taking the replies about puzzles too seriously. Sure, some did seem to think there was the possibility that Tim was considering a puzzle-less game, but I know I only brought it up to share in the discussion of puzzles in general, which I assume others were doing. In other words, it was probably just a neutral discussion of puzzle for a lot of people. If devs in the video got to discuss what they did and didn't like about adventure games, I see no reason that can't extend out here in the forums.
  9. Very nice work on the episodes guys. Keep it up! I legitimately lol'd a few times. A few people echoed my sentiments about adventure games. For me it's about the characters, story and atmosphere as Tim said. The reason I love the Monkey Island series is bc the world feels "real" and the moments and music get stuck in my head and I love going back to them. I don't go back for the puzzles. They just happen to be the thing that keep you invested and controls the pacing. If they aren't done right, they can halt the pacing as well. But puzzle creation is way above my pay grade. The concept sounds fantastic to me even as early as it is. I can't speak for everyone, but as for me, I trust that you guys have a handle on the process, you'll put effort into it, and l'll appreciate that. If I don't like the end product, so be it. I knew what I was doing when I donated. Keep it up!
  10. I like it. Mainly the background style. I understand it's simply a quick test, so I'm not too worried about any minor complaints I might have. I very much appreciate the attempt to find a relatively unique look and it's exactly what I expect from you guys. Keep it up.
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