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  1. [del]I did re-download the files a second time, but since they are from a .zip, the contents should be checked on export. [del]I downloaded them from the humble site three times now - number 3 always 'skips'. [/del] [del]Very odd that it's my machine - I'll do some checking with a different player and see if that helps. Odd that the rest are fine (WAV and MP3, just not flac).[/del] [del]Thanks for the responses.[/del] [del]Thanks[/del]![/del] Sigh. It's a bug in VLC 2.1.1. Upgraded to 2.1.2 and it's all fine now. Many thanks!
  2. Hi all When playing the FLAC version of the soundtrack, I often get skipping in the first 4-5 seconds of some of the tracks. Track number 3 seems the most obvious to me as it's not so quiet at the beginning. The WAV and MP3 versions are fine. I'm using VLC to play the FLACs. Is this just me, or are others seeing the same? Thanks..
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