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  1. Let him ramble, if it gets him off. There is absolutely no point in trying to reason with him because he cannot process logical arguments.
  2. Do not engage him, he is a troll filled with blind hatred and lacking language skills. Noone needs your blind fanatism here. So read some other threads if you dont like smart customers. "Noone needs", so you speak on behalf of EVERYONE? Very humble and modest, kind Sir. Also "fanatism"? Go back to elementary school.
  3. Hopefully, you can rememeber your email address at least? http://support.humblebundle.com/customer/portal/articles/243191-humble-bundle-key-resender
  4. Thanks. I wish it would be possible to skip individual lines of dialogue, not the whole cutscene.
  5. On topic - there has been at least 3 patches since the beta release, is there any changelog available?
  6. As for playing pirated version - I think that if you are a backer, and have some weird DRM phobia and hate steam with all your guts, then by all means go play a cracked non-DRM version - what is so horribly wrong with that if you actually paid for the game? That's why I think people like MacCave just bitch because they like bitching. He could easily play the game without steam, but he preferes to write about "betrayal" and "double fine stealing money" on the forum.
  7. Or download a cracked version of act one without drm and play it instead of wasting time on those posts.
  8. "will receive Act 2 as a free update" does not mean it is an update it just means that the method of delivering the second half of the game will be the same as method for delivering updates to the game. Broken Age Act 1, as its name suggests, is clearly not a finished product, it just stops in the middle of the plot. You are using semantics to try to prove your point but it is not working. Anyways, there is no possibility to convince you of anything because you already made up your mind and will not accept the possibility that you may be mistake. As I previously suggested, go sue Double Fine for stealing from you and for betraying you.
  9. Ok, so DayZ is finished? And when you are buying a preorder for a game that is not released yet it is also finished?
  10. Or even better, MacCave go sue Double Fine. Sue them into bankruptcy. Go, buddy! From kickstarter: "The finished game in all of its awesome glory DRM free on PC, Mac, and Linux, or via Steam for PC" Answer this - is part one of Broken Age a finished game?
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