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  1. I just started writing game related articles which I am posting on my website: www.pawalker.com/articles Would be great if people could check it out and give some feedback/give their own opinions in the comments
  2. That's another good idea. I had thought myself that it doesn't really make sense to initially direct people to a page which basically has nothing on it. That is definately something I will think about. Maybe making it a kind of news type blog as you suggest might be a good idea. Thanks again.
  3. Mainly playing on consoles so I can't do a screen grab unfortunately. Have now got some images in my reviews though!
  4. Thanks for looking. I thought the images at the top were cool! perhaps i'm mistaken - I did wonder myself if they were too big. Putting some images in reviews is something which I had planned on but didn't get round to. I didn't want to steal images from other gaming websites so I wasn't sure where to get images from - having said that there are not enough people looking at my site to worry about copyright issues! I will def take your advice on this and get some in. As to the purpose of it, for now it's not much more than just a place for me to put my writing. Hopefully I can evolve it over time. Your right that it doesn't have an angle that makes it different from any other blog (aside from what is clearly a superior calibre of writing of course....) Anyway, thanks again for looking and taking the time to reply
  5. Hi All, I recently started my own website basically as somewhere to post my writing - focusing on gaming related stuff. I'm asking for a favour and I've got no right to really, so feel free to tell me where to go, but I thought I might try and milk a bit of goodwill from fellow backers! Basically I've been a bit jammy and found through a friend that I can get someone from a gaming magazine to look at my site - in all honestly the best i'll probably get out of it is some advice, but I want to make the best impression possible - it would be really cool if some people would go on my site to check out my articles and post some comments. I know its really contrived to ask for comments, but I only just set the site it up and it would obviously look better if there was some discussion going on. Thanks in advance, and if you got some free time to check it out its at www.pawalker.com.
  6. I agree, it would be a shame if the game was nothing but a nostalgia trip. If you want nothing but nostalgia just go and play the old games. Machinarium and Rayman both look amazing and are good examples of what you can do with 2d.
  7. I agree with the sentiments expressed by some others; I didn't back the game so I could get firsthand private info, I backed it cos I want to play it, so I'm not really bothered how private it is. I can understand that other people who backed it may want it to be as private as possible, but personally, it's not a big deal to me. As pointed out, we have to acknowledge that it will be impossible to police 100%, information will get out one way or another. As to those who have mentioned info getting onto gaming websites etc, don't forget, its likely that many people who work on these websites are backers too, so they will have the info anyway. I'm sure not all of them will be scrupulous enough to withold the information should it be agreed to lockdown everything as tightly as possible. *update* If thatfool is willing to provide me with said special hat, I may change my opinion.
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