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  1. But it appears to me that you are still posting, now that we have established that you are, indeed, OnNST. So why not just use this new account and try to stay on the good side this time? What exactly did you do, anyway? But this isn't my account. Not the same thing. Plus, Klint is likely to consider this a multi and ban it. What I did was state a contrary opinion to Klint's. As I said, I used no coarse language and didn't flame. Klint obviously didn't like my opinion and banned me. I had received a warning earlier about language and I made sure to not repeat the offense. What is the point of a warning if you are just going to ban me, anyway?
  2. Really? Nobody cares even the tiniest bit? There's a new game coming out and you guys are good with a huge doublefine fan being alienated because you don't want to be on Klint's bad side? That's a little extreme, really. I'm not mad at DF and I still intend to buy the crap out of the game when it comes out. I'm really not mad at anyone. I just think it would be nice if I wasn't banned. Especially since I did nothing to warrant it.
  3. Actually, I did nothing. Klint doesn't like me apparantly. Didn't realize that this was grounds for banning.
  4. It's difficult but we all have to do our best. It's for the children, after all.
  5. budump tch. Clever. Edit: Yes. I am oanst. But only for the moment. This is my wife's account. And I was not banned for language. Also, if [word devoured] was meant to be a bannable word they probably would have filtered it. Like all the rest.
  6. You crazy kids. You crazy, crazy cheesecake eating kids. You'll see. You'll see when the doom arrives. But seriously. Don't be a [word devoured] Klint. You could have at least sent an email or something. Turn it back on.
  7. It's good to see that noone here is capable of saying anything that Klint wouldn't like. What a brave bunch of souls we have here. Stickin' it to the man except when we are the man. Right? Right.
  8. Recently, old and not so tasty was perma-banned from the forum for making a statement that an admin disagreed with. There was no coarse language involved and it could by no means be considered flaming. He had a disagreement with Klint at a different time where he received a warning. He took the warning with good grace and did not step out of line (unless by stepping out of line you mean having a polar opinion to Klint's). He should be reinstated. I am fully aware that most likely Klint will delete this thread and ban me for making it. If it disappears and I do as well, I hope you guys will have the decency to say something to him.
  9. I don't know if there are any similarities or not, but when the Holiday Surprise tour came to Michigan, I got to talk to Jeff Mangum (lead singer of NMH). It was awesome!
  10. 54.) It might help if you had a doomsday device, that always helps for me .
  11. Really??? All I heard was wonderful things about Bioshock. Well I'm going back to the past, Munch's Oddysee. It wouldn't have been a let down if I didn't know what the game was supposed to be before it came out. It was still a good game though, I was just disappointed a little.
  12. It is a great , great game!! My guy is playing it right now as Luigi.
  13. Got the game and the coin. It's pretty neat, but I'm sure they might have something on Ebay or something with the coins (hopefully).
  14. The blob . 52.) Try to never go out during a full moon, especially not in the woods when howling is going on or bad music (bad idea). 53.) Always have the essential weapons (chainsaw, hatchet and what have you), just in case of any kind of mischief. 54.) DON'T FALL ASLEEP!
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