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  1. I also enjoyed this Sidequest a lot! Frank and courageous. @Matt Hansen: Thinking one doesn't belong, or that one is a fraud, or that everyone else is more accomplished, is a very common phenomenon. Read up on Impostor Syndrome on Wikipedia. Quote: "Psychological research done in the early 1980s estimated that two out of five successful people consider themselves frauds and other studies have found that 70 percent of all people feel like impostors at one time or another."
  2. Concerning Tim's diet: There are obviously tons of (competing, mutually incompatible) diets and tons of ways to get healthy. I personally really liked the book "Change Anything". It's a book about habit change. Pertinent quotes on diets: "Only one in twenty dieters with a history of obesity is able to lose weight and keep it off for one or more years." And research on diets: "Here's what [the scientists] discovered: 1. All of the [weight-loss] programs worked. 2. If people used them. 3. But people rarely used them." It's a short book and not particularly expensive. I hope it helps some of you stay or become healthy or healthier.
  3. FYI: Due to the new Amnesia Fortnight forums, the backer only forums are no longer directly above this one, but are now above the Amnesia Fortnight forums.
  4. I think I mentioned this before, but you should really display the actual price on the Double Fine Slacker Backer page. Some potential backers surely get scared away when there is no price on display on the site itself. EDIT: Oh, and the Humble Bundle Amnesia Night thing was brilliant. I loved that video... (I slightly fear Tim will quit his company to pursue an acting career.)
  5. I agree in general, I just advise against "very soon": Why not mention a specific point in time for the price change once it's been decided on?
  6. I guess a small percentage of backers have already forgotten about this Kickstarter? I'd be very interested if you could post some kind of game adoption rate (e.g. percentage of Steam keys used or similar) after the game goes live, just to see whether some people didn't actually care about their rewards...
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