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    My name is Logan, I have A wonderful girlfriend named Nichole. She and I have a baby boy named Dante, he is getting a baby brother soon. Were all very excited and a bit worried that he may not take the new arrival well since hes a mommies boy! :) I also do lets plays of games like, Amnesia, Deadpool, Rust, and Others check out my channel :D http://www.youtube.com/user/NerdAndANoob
  1. If we are recording Vella, can we show the cutscenes after the maiden feast but have to cut off after whole cutscene is over when we hit the next level?
  2. By the way, is there any way to upgrade a pledge? I'm a slacker backer. I'd love to have pledged for the special edition box if it's not too late. Sadly i think it may be too late for that mate. I could be wrong, but i think the Slacker Backer thing was only for the game unless you paid more than the 15 before they finished up all the rewards. Again i could be wrong so dont listen to me
  3. The best part is that I get Act 1 on my Birthday BEST PRESENT EVER TOMORROW! Thank you all for such an awesome job so far cannot wait to see what is in store!
  4. Yeah! Thanks, Wil! :coolmad: So, i assume its bad i dunno who Nathan Fillion is?
  5. That was a good episode, as far as Splitting the game into episodes I think you should. Potentially to increase profits but to also let those same buyers decide if they want the second part. Or are you guys going with the route if they buy the first episode they get the second as well? Anyhow the parts of the game i can see i love. I wasnt ever a fan of point an click adventure games, a few years ago a friend let me play a few oh his older ones Monkey island and day of the tentical. bloody loved them. Since then ive played syberia and many others i wouldnt have ever considered playing. So im looking forward to this game no matter the outcome Keep up the hard work OH and if any of the devs see this...you should keep the pie sorrta wanna accidently knock it out the window onto a passerby just once
  6. I really like the format of the Doc, the way it is as even I am a "techy" I don't think the general Doc would be interesting for everyone; the same goes for other aspects as well. Let's just hope they keep the footage and share it on the Blu Ray as some sort of bonus feature maybe even split it up into categories or something. I'm really liking the way the show is going, and I think it's definitely got a lot of re-play value. Trying to get more slacker-backers in, but when the final product is done, I'm really looking forward to show this to my dad or some other numb-nut that think videogames are a complete waste of time. Edit: Wondering if there are any plans of adding subtitle tracks to the DVD/Blu-ray? We're trying to encourage people to follow the team member forum posts for the hardcore tech info. It's going to be difficult to get across in the documentary. That's understandable I usually get really interested in things like that, mostly because I am taking Graphic Design and Programming classes at my Community College. Ill check out the other forum for the tech info I do want to know if there will be a DVD we can buy on the store later as i wasnt able to buy in for that at the time, if so that would be awesome!
  7. Hmm, what is interesting is that All of these or at least two of these concepts could be used since Tim is using a boy and girl base, probably in two different worlds! This would be a darn good way to distinguish the two playable options within the worlds!
  8. Great episode, but i want to see turtles and cake! Question for you though Chris, has anyone told you that your Profile Pic resembles Brandon Frasier? Also how do you like working with Tim and the DF team? EDIT: I made an edit because i forgot one thing i wanted to ask. Would it be possible to see more of the mechanics within the game later? Like the evolution of the games engine, and possible the process in which you create certain interactions with npcs? Guess im just more of a Techy everything so far has been great and im loving the updates!
  9. Holy crap that'd be cool. Your team could definitely pull this off. Start us out in this strange and bizarre world and then have the character find his answers through mysterious journey trying to get to the outside, our the normal surface of earth. I guess the end would climax better is he started on the surface and ended up in the hollow earth, but I would explore and be more engaged if I started in a new world. I have gotta say i really like this idea. But i think the Climax could work either way. Simply for the fact that we wouldnt KNOW the earth was hollow until we entered it OR escaped it. You could have characters talk about it but that NO one save for one or two people have escaped. Then doubly on the surface you could have ANOTHER civilization in place that would vastly differ from the inner earth race of people...that would actually be a good set up since Tim seems to be looking at two playable characters. Have one on the surface and the other inside the hollow earth. EPIC!
  10. Well in episode two of the doc, he does actually mention that they are in two different worlds. this could mean something like this. BOY_________GIRL Poor rich World 1 World 2 Universe 1 Universe 2 Dimension 1 dimension 2 If he goes with this which i personally think is a great idea then you not only have one side of a story but a second. Depending on how its pulled off it can make the game and i have full confidence they can do it very well. As far as the liking one character over the other, that tends to happen in almost every game. Example, In batman arkham Asylum and Arkham City i preferred Joker over Bats the entire time JUST because he is a great character. I like bats but i would rather have played as joker over say catwoman or robin ETC. There is always going to be that once character you like more than the other. So at least and hopefully the choice will be ours to make. That is the point of adventure right? Making choices based on your experiences and own tastes and talents? I still even with the cons think this is a good move for the game itself. JUST my own opinion.
  11. I would like a hard copy as well. though i think the CE edition should stay with the $100 backers. But as long as i can get a hard copy that looks nice eventually i will be happy
  12. I still write small stories using a five subject note book, i have one here right beside my two Sketch pads, along with all my pencils, graphite, charcoal, paints, and a katana. So when im bored of my PC I just grab something and draw, write or paint. Sadly my spelling has diminished from being out of school ugh! So i write to counter this bad internet text. Currently im writing a game idea and a short story, but i dont think they would ever see the light of day outside my notebook so thats fine. I usually tell people about my ideas anyhow maybe they can use them. I also hate typing unless i have too mostly because I have had so many stories get deleted and corrupted. I lost a project i was writing for off and on for five years all because i decided to write it all on my laptop which crashed halfway through. NEVER AGAIN!
  13. For a Draft the art style looks nice actually. The character looked a bit too flat though, it seemed like paper in a layered world.
  14. Its decent and a good idea, I want to know about the game. I do not think however that DF will post too many spoilers any way. This would be a very good way to tell us WHAT the spoiler is about. I really want most of the game to be a big surprise
  15. Ive funded Double fine adventure obviously and Wasteland 2 other than that im strapped for cash so im being very picky with what i fund and that saddens me maybe later though i can fund more great projects.
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