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  1. I used to have that toy (the one in the second picture). It was part of a pre-order special. LucasArts used to ship special pre-order editions of their games which came with signed box art and little freebies like that. I also had the Monkey Island 4 preorder set which came with fridge magnets. Sadly my Manny toy broke during a move.
  2. I think we do see a similar logic In DOTT. In DOTT, Laverne starts out stuck in a tree. The solution to free her is for Hoagie to get the tree cut down. As Laverne is stuck in the tree she could not have communicated her problem. So what motivates Hoagie to go through the trouble of cutting down the tree? For me the wiring puzzles felt like old fashioned adventure game logic, so didn't bother me one bit.
  3. Weren't the bird costumes familiar to Shay because he had seen them while "rescuing" the maidens in Act 1? As in the picture below:
  4. I just finished the game, and really enjoyed it. For me, the puzzles were perfect. I never felt frustrated and I was happy that I never needed to exit the game and look for hints online. At the same time, they were challenging enough to keep me interested, and solving them felt rewarding. The easier, linear puzzle design of Act 1 and the more difficult non-linear puzzles of Act 2 made the game feel very well balanced. Of course, the art, animation, music, sound, dialogue etc. were all top notch. My only criticism would be that the story could have been tighter -- particularly the parts that have been discussed in this thread, such as why Shay's mom and dad neglected him for so long, and the logic behind project Dandelion. But this did not destroy the game for me. Thank you Double Fine and the Reds team for making such an excellent game! I really appreciate your hard work and dedication.
  5. A few more... PC Gamer - 73 Game Rant - 4.5 / 5
  6. I've noticed a few reviews have been released already. Here are a few links. * A lot of these are reviews for Act 2 so contain Act 1 SPOILERS!!!!!* IGN - 9.0 Game Informer - 9.25 Push Square (Playstation 4 version) - 8/10 Gamer Headlines - 9/10 Shack News - 7 Also I saw this article from Wired, talking about some of the difficult puzzles: http://www.wired.com/2015/04/broken-age-act-2-puzzles/ A big thank you to Double Fine for 3 great years, and also congratulations on the release!
  7. My game also crashed when trying to manipulate Shay's head size with the teleporter. A few details: 1) I've already completed the airlock puzzle, having attached the grabbing toy to the manual arm control thingie. 2) I teleported from Shay's trophy room to the teleportation room, which caused Shay's head to shrink. After doing this, I noticed that the game significantly slowed down with drops in framerate. I navigated back to Marek's control room, then to his bedroom, then back to the trophy room. When I entered the trophy room, the top half of the screen was black, showing only the floor of the trophy room. I tried to exit back to Marek's bedroom, and then the game crashed. Running on my HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit) with Service Pack 1 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.13 Ghz 3GB RAM ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530
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