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  1. Yeah since that post watching the original pitch again and looking at the concept art I think thats what Derek was planning on anyway, he just described it kind of weird in the last stream that made it almost sound like they were doing something different.
  2. Kiln was my favorite project pitched this year, which is why I was bummed to hear the full pitch and find Derek hasn't realized a huge potential the game could have: Volume. What does pottery do? It holds things! I think team deathmatch is the most boring aspect of a game like this. Objective game modes have so much more potential! Imagine CTF where you have to go to an enemy fountain, fill your container, and bring it back to base to fill your objective "goblet!" This is where the "different pots for different objectives" shines. Maybe large-volume pots in addition to being slow have trouble defending themselves, especially when filled to the brim! while long-noodly pots might be crazy good at combat with a spin-punch attack, but easily slosh their liquid and have almost no volume!. Going further even with a combat focus liquid could play the role of "mana" and allow you to spend liquid to cast spells, or maybe you could fill yourself with sand or concrete to become tougher! Also on an unrelated note I don't think 3d-moulding is the ticket to making the pottery soldiers, I think a silhouette where you're only drawing the profile of one side of the pot and the model is mirroring it in the other directions is the way to go, making pots would be a rapid process instead of getting into a match where the team is sitting around making a pot for the first minute of the match. Also in the pitch Q&A you talked about areas that only certain pots could get to, one thing that might be fun are "team doors" that have ever-morphing doorways that are a combination of the teams currently-possessed pot profiles, so the whole team fits through them perfectly, but the enemy may not unless they're running a design that fits the keyhole. This would further promote running different designs everytime as running a "Standard build" pot would be easy to copy and intrude into enemy territory I'm no game designer but I was so in love with the pitch I had to scream my ideas from the mountaintops in the hope it reaches the right ears in time.
  3. I'd love to see demons react to relics like the goblins react to the goblin cleaver in the hobbit: Some recoil in fear, some become enraged, etc.
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