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  1. In a similar vein: Clickety Split. Because, you know, puns. Edit: One isn't enough, huh brain? Splitshine Splits Will (Splitsville, geddit?) And for the German release: Splitterwochen, obviously.
  2. See!? The best stuff comes when you're just shooting the shit! Plot-relevant or not, I would totally go for that title, especially if I were Tim. (Which sadly, outside of sexual roleplay, I am not.)
  3. Listen Everyone: It's DONE. The game is called Broken Age! This post by Tim settles it. I hope we can stop with the suggestions and just concentrate on bitching about what a terrible title "Broken Age" is.
  4. Where's the problem? Once Upon two Monsters. Hehe ACTUALLY, Twice Upon a Monster might also have been fitting for DFA. Or "Broken Age", as we're supposed to be calling it now.
  5. I guess we all enjoyed being shown by Tim how hard it is to come up with great titles. If nothing else, that thread showed that the rule of "90% of everything is crap" is still very much in in effect, and that nobody can agree on what the remaining 10% are. Anyway, how about we try to find the most terrible, "clever", angsty, epic, and overall off-putting titles? As a sign that we, as a community, can embrace our weaknesses and turn them into strength. I'll start: Adventure Quest: The Fate of Destiny Chasm of Autarchy Or how about Dawn of the Maiden Eater from Space (Hear that Tim? I'm totally on to the fact that the monster will ultimately be the boy! You know what, let's just say: Boy Eats Girl. There.) (Let me be clear: This is not meant to shame legitimate proposals from the other thread, even lousy ones. So no copy/paste/mock-ing of real suggestions; come up with your own stuff ... whatever the inspiration )
  6. What would you call the sequel? Two 2? Two: The Second Two: Revengence Two: The Reckoning Two: Be Determined
  7. Small Offerings was the only one that did something for me. All told, count me among the rather unimpressed (SORRY!). Here's the thing though: Tim seems knows better than anyone what would make a good title for the game, because only he knows all its intricacies. The rest of us are working with incomplete information. That said, I'm quite fond of some of the titles of the "X and Y" form. X and Y would make a pretty neat title itself, as has been pointed out before. Or Him and Her? Or maybe you could take something from each world that is bears some relation to each character. I don't know, like Clouds & Chrome (can you tell I like alliterations?). Or if the girl's world is more aboreal, maybe Bark & Polish? How about The Sun and The Stars. Any of those might still work with a slash instead of the conjunction (e.g. X/Y). Or just be blunt and call it Sacrifice Girl & Spaceship Boy: A Doubly Fine Adventure (optionally prefaced with Tim Schafer Presents: for extra colon-canceritis). And finally, I also liked the sweet and simple Two. Because it's sweet and simple (and non-repetitive, so it doesn't repeat itself).
  8. I totally did NOT notice that. Then again, I'm not an animator, so I really don't have an eye for that. What did strike me, however, was the floaty walks. The characters were just kind of sliding along the ground, like a moonwalk. This has always been a problem in (sprite based) adventure games, so I don't know how fixable it really is. But since REDS has skeletal animation, maybe it is possible? Edit: Just so we're clear ... I love the visual style and everything, and I wouldn't mind playing the game as it looked the doc at all. Don't want to be a Negative Nancy. I'd rather be a Positive Patricia. Or a Constructive Caroline.
  9. Loved that episode. Probably my favorite so far. Good job on the storytelling front, 2PP. What I'd like to see now is DF cutting the game down to size so it fits within the budget. I'd honestly be much happier with a well polished 2-hour game than a scrambled 20-hour game. I also find that adding more money (whatever the source) would undermine the spirit of the enterprise. I think a completely crowd funded game would gain you a stronger footing in the indie community than a mere crowd aided game. If you care about these things. On a lighter note: I loved that "make that crash optional" line. Classic Schafer. And Oliver's adorkable inability to just roll with the joke was cute, too. I have a love/hate relationship with that German dorkiness. Thank you for hiring dorky Germans and integrating them as if they were real people. Full disclosure: I am a dorky German, and I want to be hired by you.
  10. Your 1) is basically Max in the Telltale Sam & Max games. A very basic version of 2) is in Magicka, and to an extent in Black & White, too (and I'd actually be pretty surprised if the game you describe doesn't already exist in some form). Can't come up with any "crazy" game mechanics right now. Let me get back to you on that.
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