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  1. The story just kinda falls apart a bit for me in part 2. The whole explanation of why people are being taken just seemed nonsensical, Marek and the thrush (really?) goals are never particularly well established outside of big exposition dumps (nothing is really shown of what happens) and they just don't end up interesting as villains. There are puzzles that the characters have no reasonable way to solve on their own which just leaves huge plot holes. As someone said above, the idea of Vella learning that Shay had a snake hugging toy leading to the player learning something about him that he would already know was cool. What wasn't cool is both of them magically solving things they have no other means of solving. So story wise are they supposed to have just solved them through trial and error? What if it had taken hours and by that time it's too late? The ending puzzle can be partly explained as they both see the effects the other is causing, and work out what to do from there. Even then though it's still shaky, as it needs to be co-ordinated in a way that they wouldn't be possibly able to do. Maybe if the laser glowed red when powered so Vella can see when she's able to fire. The whole intuition thing and Shay having some connection or something to Vella also goes absolutely nowhere too, outside of a puzzle solving excuse. The ending cut scene is poorly staged and choreographed. One minute they're all on top of the ship, Shay falls down, then the ships fall and they're all together again? The way that sequence cuts makes it kinda confusing to watch. There's very little sense of where they all are in relation to each other. The game really ends up feeling like it was too big for its budget, as has seemingly been the case since day 1. Expanding out into the city for Vella to see more of what happens to the abducted people and why would have helped for example, and given more time to establish Marek and that other guy as more interesting villains. And Vella's grandma sudden reveal as a villain too or something? What was that? And how did the maidens escape their enclosure?
  2. She escapes to not be eaten and to find a way to fight him, which is made clearer by her asking people to help her kill mog chothra, as well as some dialogue options for some characters on how to kill it. It's not like she can take him on with that knife.
  3. I never thought there was an issue in the first place. Played it practically without having to think about them. Saying that, it would be nice to have a just "look at" option e.g. right mouse (though I'm guessing that would require extra dialogue which is probably not possible), left click to select item to use with something and maybe even number key bindings for inventory items. I certainly wouldn't consider them must haves, nor things that make the controls crap or broken. I certainly don't want a 9 verb interface. Those were a pain the arse.
  4. As someone who draws very occasionally, I often leave pictures unfinished, but am content with how they are at the time I leave them be. Sometimes seeking perfection is what ruins it - changing some minor detail until it clashes with everything else because you couldn't stop focusing on that one thing. As for the documentary, I have enjoyed it immensely, including this episode. The game looks amazing.
  5. Ubuntu 11.10 (Linux user). Occasional Windows 7 user for certain games, though I try to go for anything that supports Linux anyway.
  6. Just to address a few points brought up in this thread: Source release does not have to be a generic adventure game engine to be useful. There are many other ways in which such a release could be beneficial to fans and even Double Fine (potentially). It allows others to fix bugs, it allows the game to be ported to other platforms, and it can give the game a longer shelf life. In other words, it lessens dependency on Double Fine to keep the game updated or to port it to new platforms. It can also extend the playable life of the game well beyond the typical commercially supported life. See the benefits of ScummVM and to a lesser extent Residual to Monkey Island, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango for example. See also Aquaria that has received community updates after they GPL'd the engine: http://www.bit-blot.com/forum/index.php?topic=3797.0 http://www.bit-blot.com/forum/index.php?topic=2304.0 And here's John Carmack on the subject: Though I'm biased seeing as I donate to the FSF an' all
  7. I believe in kindly asking or pushing people to not repost or report info elsewhere, but I don't see a significant amount of harm done through it leaking either. We still get the first opportunity at the info either way, and I wander how exactly such leaks would be policed anyway. Would someone who had been outed as a leaky individual be required to be filled in with cement? Would we torture them by asking them to drink water without it resulting in a wet floor? Would he/she not get the game or access to beta? Would he/she be banned from the forums? I'm not comfortable removing a privilege they've paid for even if they leak info and thus partially "break" that privilege for everyone else. At most I'd personally agree with a backer forum temporary or perma ban. We should ask kindly and gently they not repost info, or at least not do so for everything, and maybe have a gentle reminder. Though reporters who backed purely to leak info might be a worse situation though...
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