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  1. A rebellious child from one of the bloodlines has been found to be sneaking away from their home, dressing up as a peasant to disguise their identity and has gone about hell-raising with a gang of fellow youths! How do you react to this news? Ignore it, not your problem: Child might break away from family traditions and pick a class that their parents didnt use, or maybe a more outright negative effect might happen that results from less discipline on the battle field, or its just a phase and not worth your attention "Control your child" : You call out the kid's family for letting this happen and let them deal with it. This could either make the problem worse and the kid rebels further (maybe even them running away from home, losing you out on a soldier for the next generation?), or it brings them back in line. "Whats your problem, kid" : YOU call the kid out yourself, certainly being admonished by your King would scare a kid straight but it makes the current heros of that blood line look bad because they couldnt deal with it themselves, possibly leading to a decreased effectiveness in any keeps they run
  2. I dont have much to add except for the request that if you go with demons representing times, you better get some HEAT DEATH and ENTROPY in there. They're the ultimate end result of time, after all.
  3. Good Relentless Assault : Critical Hits allow the character to attack again Strong Throat: All War Cry effects from this character have a doubled area of effect Blazing Soul: Magic can be used more often, with increased effectiveness Bad Unrestrained Hate: Character has a chance to break from control and charge the closest enemy, regardless of their own safety Creeping Mortality: Stat penalties for serious injury are increased Hesitant:Attempting to use magic on foes near allies can cause this character to lose their turn
  4. a clenched, mailed fist comet sun burst design in game religion symbols (fighting demons after all)
  5. Why have any other options I think that some events should be season specific, such as an early thaw in spring that leaves the roads swamped and difficult to travel, summer droughts that can leave to poor crops (and maybe fire spells/effects having a higher chance to light the battle scape on fire?), poor/abundant harvests in fall, early frosts that sap stamina in the battle scape, and blizzards in winter than not only reduce travel speed/increase chances to get lose but also sharply cut visibility in the battlescape
  6. having an experienced veteran that bards have sung stories about should provide a significant morale bonus to the rest of the team, but they should also be able to train the new guys in the safety of the keeps/castles/cities like three options for the older heroes once they're reached the retirement threshold house management drill Sargent "one last mission"
  7. The devs at one point or another said that random events that happen in the overworld as time passes and as a reaction to the player ruling the kindgom ALA Cursader Kings or Europa Universalis, like births, court back stabbing, and (one of my personal favorites) "WE SAW AN OMEN IN THE SKY EVERYONE IS FREAKING OUT NOW" I figure one big thread for possible events to stick in Massive Chalice would be a good idea I figure a bunch could be related to the general populous reacting to how well the player the dealing with the demonic invasion, particularly those who live around/under the protection of the keeps run by certain bloodlines if they're doing really good, possibly leading to more tax money, or production from those areas. People from border regions might flee to other kingdoms if you do poorly, or if the bloodline they live under get massacred which would mean less taxes, lower morale on top of what you already have. Later on in the game low morale might mean that cults worshiping demons start popping up in cities. What do you think?
  8. I dont think there will be "special" characters, I mean the units are implied to be awesome heroes, but the random nature of the game sort of limits the potential for those sort of conversations I mean the XCOM style of things is that the personal stories are all implied, and usually what you make up in your head is better than the game can produce, I mean how would you feel if the game considered a hero that you didnt use that much to be the "main" character because of a certain combination of titles, bloodline, and class? And your ultimate guy who puts the whole war effort on his back is considered a side character for similar reasons?
  9. I have to ask: whats your policy on item durability and ammunition/mana? I dont like the fire emblem system of EVERYTHING eventually breaking through use, even the ultra mega end game magic equipment. And for magic and arrows/crossbow bolts, will the archers and magic uses start with a finite amount of arrows and mana/focus/MAGIC JUICE and if they run out they're out for the battle, or can arrows be taken from the dead and mana recharges somewhat every turn? Or maybe arrows and magic will just outright be infinite? (please no)
  10. Thanks for taking the time to respond to all these questions! (thought I have to stress: please allow the player to send more than one soldier group out at once, obviously it would be one per mission, but the one skyranger limitation of the new XCOM is one of its biggest flaws, and if a fantasy setting where everyone walks/rides horses has the same limitation then it makes even less sense)
  11. If there are the inclusion of leader demons, I'd suggesting designing multiple ones, and randomizing which ones you encounter for each play through, just for the sake of added replayability.
  12. So during the XCOM stream chat was shooting questions towards the devs at full blast nonstop, and they didn't even get to half of them. So I figured a central thread for all of the questions that are too minor to warrant their own thread can go here, and maybe next time they have a stream they can read read them off from here (or they could be awesome and have them answer questions in the thread directly, that'd be pretty cool as well) My questions were that if there will be "terror missions" like in the original XCOM, and whether or not you'll be able to have multiple squads/teams/brigades/whatever out in the overworld, instead of being restricted to one team like in XCOM: EU
  13. Nameable units I'm definitely OK with. Relics i'm not too sure about, as the generational ones are inexorably linked to a character.
  14. I never considered a possible territory control mechanic, that would add a whole new layer to the idea, originally I figured the demons would ignore the side areas to focus on curbstomping the kingdom, but a territory mechanic implies that not only would these third partys be viewable from the overworld map, but also that the demons might be able to send soldiers there as well, adding an unofficial time limit to these optional areas, based on the idea that the demons would wreck up the place and destroy anything of value and maybe even be stronger for it, so you should send someone over there before they do.
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