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  1. Here's more in the cloud colony : - When we walk near Jessie, Vella says "Désolé ! Je ne faisais que passer !" It should be "Désolée ! Je ne fais que passer !" - When looking at the peach tree, Vella says "Je ne peux pas l'atteindre. Peut-être si trouvais une branche plus basse." It should be "Peut-être si je trouvais..." - She also says "C'est la plus grosse pêche que j'ai jamais vue !", "C'est la deuxième plus grosse pêche que j'ai jamais vue !" and "Ce sont les plus grosses pêches que j'ai jamais vues !" In those sentences, it should be "[...] que j'aie jamais..." - Near the peach tree, we can hear Gus saying various things when we are in the area above, in two of his sentences ("Dépêchez-vous. S'il vous plaiiiiiiit ?" and "Allez ! S'il vous plait !") "S'il vous plaît" needs a circumflex accent on the i. Also, when we talk to him, the same error appears when he asks Vella to unhook his underwear (he says it in two different lines when we leave the conversation). - When Gus talks about Jessie's egg (when we are above and when we approach him), the subtitles read "[...] l'Œuf de Jesie [...]" but "œuf" doesn't need a capital letter. - When we ask 'R if Harm'ny would tell us how to get off the cloud, he says "Oh, j'éviterai de demander ça à Frère Lestebarbe." It should be "Oh, j'éviterais de ..."
  2. A few more in the cloud colony : - When Vella asks the two guys about why she shouldn't talk to Jessie, Ch't says "Elle est totalement flippée !" It would be more correct using "Elle a totalement flippé !" - When telling Car'l we are sorry, she says "[...] Je viens juste te perdre mon unique gagne-pain, [...]" It should be "Je viens juste de perdre ..." - When asking Car'l if she makes hats, she says "Je fais des indispensables chaussenuages ici." "des indispensables" should be contracted to "d'indispensables". - When asking M'ggie if there is a way off the cloud, the subtitles read "Hé, est-ce qu'il y a un moyen pour quitter ce nuage ?" It is better to use "... un moyen de quitter ce nuage ?" - When looking at the hatchery, Vella says "Ah et, ça sent pareil." It would be better to write it "Ah, et ça sent pareil." or "Ah et... ça sent pareil."
  3. When Vella picks up the towel on the cupcakes, Grampa says "Ah. Je ne vais jamais le retrouver !" It means "I will never find it", it would be better if it was "Vous n'allez jamais le retrouver !" (You'll never find it) or "On ne va jamais le retrouver !" (We'll never find it).
  4. When Shay uses Gary with the boom arm manual controls, the subtitles read "Que Gary...veut agriper ça." The beginning of the sentence is missing, it should be "Je pense que Gary...veut agripper ça."
  5. After loading a game, only Shay's head was visible, the pointer was invisible too, and the menu was dark with no background. The main menu also had a glitch. It persisted even after exiting and loading again a bunch of times. It all got back to normal after closing the game and starting it back.
  6. When Shay tries to open a locked door and the computer drags him back to bed, he says "je suis ton prisonnier ou quoi ?" The j should be a capital letter.
  7. When talking with Dead Eye God, one of his replies is "Loruna était mourrante." It should be "Loruna était mourante."
  8. When talking with Dead Eye God, one of Vella's question is "Comme ton vaisseau s'est-il écrasé ?" It should be "Comment ton vaisseau s'est-il écrasé ?"
  9. With Vella, when leaving Curtis's house he says "[...] vas vers l'est." It should be "[...] va vers l'est."
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