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  1. Thank you so very much for making Broken Age as well as the documentary. It has been awesome feeling that we're part of the process. I'm hoping that we can do this again? Thanks!
  2. Public release sounds like a great idea. I remember liking that idea in general after watching Lee Petty's wonderful presentation (I forget where but it was posted on Twitter) during which he talked about lessons learned during this experiment. The Agamemnon is what I paid for. The documentary being made, and the excellent work on it by 2PP, has been a massive extra bonus. A bonus that I think the public would appreciate as well. Now what's the next DF project I can direct my money towards? Thanks!
  3. Any chance there are any hi-res Act 2 wallpapers available? Something to help me think about what's coming while I wait for Act 2? I love my widescreen ship interior wallpaper, but I'd love to change it to something new. Thanks
  4. I've had situations where I get the green popup telling me that a citizen is starving and can't reach food. If I click on the green notice, it doesn't take me to the person in question. What I'm left with trying to do at that point is to find a needle in a haystack and try to find that person and then of course, figure out why they can't get food. It would help a lot of that message would take me to someone who was starving so I could identify them more quickly. thanks
  5. So last night I found my base was falling apart beyond my ability to bring it back for reasons I don't completely understand. My technicians weren't repairing anything so oxygen generates were almost all gone, fires were constantly happening because technicians weren't maintaing the fire extinguishers either. With last 3 people running around unable to really keep fires out, I was boarded by 3 raiders who easily took out these last 3 people. I found my base now had lost all inhabitants except for 3 raiders roaming the base looking for people to shoot (I guess). Clearly they were not starting to maintain things or putting out fires. Yet the game kept on going with no functioning oxygen generators, no one to put out the fires, but 3 raiders roaming around the halls. I seemed to still get new messages about passing ships, but that seemed kind of pointless. I know it's an alpha, but I think I had a expectation that my base would destruct and take the raiders with it. Seems like that might be a good sort of bottom condition -- a point at which your base completely looses its lifesupport/integrity and blows up. Thanks
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