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  1. Tried to but have you ever been in 8 Bit graphics? You really miss you FullHD TV
  2. As long as you get to choose how it works. I have tried playing Adventure games on my touch phone, it works well with Scummvm when you have the ability to drag the mouse cursor, when trying to play a game and you have to push where the cursor should go, that is damn near impossible, at least on a phone. If they release the game on any touch Phone/Pad they should have though it through and it should work on Windows 8 Touch screen as well
  3. I would like the Verbs approach but then again I'm stuck in the old Indiana Jones Games. That is what I had the fondest memory of. I would say that Sam 'n' Max Hit the Road controls also were very intuitive. Please don't use the wsad approach I despise having to get the character facing the right direction to start an action, much easier to just "Point & Click" :-)
  4. Guitar Hero 5 for Xbox 360, Full package with 2 guitars, Drums and Microfone. Used it when I got it 2-3 weeks then it ended up in the corner and was only used 1 or 2 times after that when I had some friends over. Sold it after a year or so. About 310$ A lot of money for a short pleasure
  5. Just got Beneath a Steel sky, since it is free on GOG and I never played it. Probably some modern warfare 3 . And I just preordered Diablo III, that should be enough =)
  6. i would presume that they have the main story in place already, and an idea of how the final game will look, even before trying to raise the money
  7. That would be really great, but it depends on what type of engine they choose to use. When Emulating the scumm games you don't need all that power, face it they were made a long time ago. And it would probably be easier to port the new game to the native OS.
  8. I'm missing the option: Both. I would love the option to choose either, and the story could be effected by whichever you choose
  9. As a lot have been saying normal walk speed but you should be able to doubleclick on a doorway to go instant to the next room
  10. I would love it to be 2D handrawn, but I would like the option to go 8 Bit also, as you could with the Special Edition of the Monkey Island Games. Even though i liked playing BTTF I must say that adventure games works better in 2D for me.
  11. Wuhu I'm not the only Dane here But English is like a second Language to me... Er... Well it is the only other language I speak. Games are one of the reasons my English/American is pretty darn good. So I'm thrilled to be apart of this.
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