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  1. That's awesome, going to read through your tips for sure! If you can get through brutal ironmode I should be able to make it through hard. This game gives me serious Kickstarter regret, that I didn't back at a higher level and get my own bloodline!
  2. Thanks for the tips! I think I have one female hero who will be old enough soon, so that should work. I'll add recruitment bonus to the research list for sure after this. The other funny thing is that somehow I ended up with only hybrid classes, so the only time I get a pure anything is from mission rewards. The hybrid classes weren't in when I played the beta, so that's a really cool new feature. I love the Shadowjack!
  3. I hadn't played since the beta last year, and just started replaying on xbone. I forgot 1. how great this game is and 2. how much you torment yourself over every decision! Through some fault of my own, at around year 100 I've ended up with a choice of only males for a new regent, and only men for partners (out of my 15 heroes!). I guess I should still give him a partner because more XP for the adopted kids? 2 dads are better than one?
  4. Is this the thread where we say how great CQ2 was? Just finished it (wrong holiday, I know), but I completely loved it! Especially the fight animations which were just so much fun. I'm not even a fan of clowns but I LOVED the clown special move and laughed my face off every time at that dumb clown grin. My other favorite animation was Jefferson, it was so great how all the enemies had to put their glasses on expect for the mole which was just like *shrug*. Oh and the hot dog chugging condiments. A+ game DF!!
  5. Aieeeeehh! I like that. I'd just be happy with some sort of comment from the Chalice... they get so bummed out when I lose a soldier that I'd think they'd at least comment when I wreck an entire family legacy!
  6. I recently had two instances where I had to choose between battles in regions where 2 diamonds were full. The second time, I lost a region with a family house on it. I was surprised that there was no comment from the game about this - it seemed pretty momentous! Also, is there a way to rebuild my house or remove another building and rebuild there?
  7. Hybrid maps is a really interesting idea! I like that... luring enemies from one side to the other.
  8. The Keep maps are cool because you can try to sneak around the edge. I also love that you get the real heroes assigned to that keep added to your fight! Such a fun mechanic, really makes it feel like a consistent world.
  9. Thank you for listening to our thoughts and for making Massive Chalice! Let us know how else we can help.
  10. I think the same thing just happened to me - My hero came back alive, the Walrus was already dead (at 108) and then my hero died of old age right after.
  11. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I noticed that when my alchemist killed one seed she got 72 exp, and when she killed 3 with one hit it was also 72 exp? Or at least it displayed as that. I would think she should get 72 for each, or maybe even a bonus! Also unrelated but sort of weird - I got a hero with a "role model" perk from a random event, which was great, but it really slowed down my turns because every time he moved near someone they got "motivated" and the game briefly focused in on them. Then when he moved away and the "motivation lost" message came, it again sort of paused and focused on the people around him. I think it would be better if it just displayed the message without giving the guy special focus because it made every turn take forever. Just my 2c! Thanks for taking a look.
  12. Here are a couple work in progress shots: Round patterns aren't very straightforward to make in crochet, so I ended up making appliqu├ęs for the face and tummy. I think it was a good solution! Also, how cool was that crocheted Little Pink Best Bud that was made for Pen?? Love it.
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