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  1. Costume Quest Crashing [MAC]

    i don't know whether its comforting or disheartening to see that of all the derps and hiccups my mac is guilty of, this one isn't my fault... my crash log looks about the same as wintervail's- same os version, same report crash number. the game also quits when attempting to choose a slot for Grubbins on ice.
  2. oh geez... I forgot about that series. i don't know if i'd have voted it over my top 3 favorite on the list, but if I had multiple votes, i think I'd have given one to Gretel and Hansel.
  3. as do I, I'm kinda new around these parts too, and hey, I'm actually in the middle of playing this game my self, and according to arch agent dude, is a game best shared... so i guess i'll recount my thoughts on it? i don't know if we're supposed to talk here or what...so... It looks like most post have been complaints about touch phone controls, but I'll stay out of that since i play on a computer(keyboard attached). I just finish session 3, and didn't have much trouble with the game to this point. the fights aren't so challenging, not a main focus of the game at all- the real appeal seems to be in the land and all this "WE" talk... (intermittent spoilers) I admit the shield's tri use was a little odd(coulda told me about healing...) but i'm glad i didn't know about it, gave the game a sense of danger since till the dark moon trigon kicked a whole star clean off my HP counter, I never died, and would never have if i was using buttons instead of a trackpad.In fact, i was afraid of Gogolithic Goat face, because i didn't know he took a mortal form to fight- i had seen him spawning on the graves of scythians by the bridge and hightailed it back to the hut to hide in dream world. after i fought the dancing dovah-Bear and got his key, i just waited for the dark moon, thinking that it was triggering Gogolithic goat Mass.... and I was right. at the dark moon, I was able to just waltz up to the grave dudes and hear them out, and THEN Goglithic came at me, and got his head chopped off. so i've just used the paradox room to do that thing no one is talking about even though the game throws crazy hints at it, and long story short, I am extremely aware that My max HP has dipped... and has been doing so for some time. no one has any thing to say about that? or the gogolithic's appearances? I don't know about you but this feels like an adventure to me, learning about the game as i played, the environment, the corny self praise the game offers you for being awesome... doesn't it not just feel a little bit epic each session? I was actually a little excited for the dark moon before i realized... you know... I can't see it. FYI, I did not kill grizzled boor, and am curious to what happens if you kill or never meet him. does he not invite you to the rave?
  4. hmm... looks like most people are casting their votes in the general direction of " things inside other things" so i'm gonna go with an order of inside DoubleFine's inside backer forums with a side of spiderwebs at the source (that's inside Spider butt.) I won't be playing that level. then washing my hands of the whole ordeal by flooding the booming civilization of crumbs growing on my palms not unrelated- has any one ever wondered what it feels like to be the plastic wrap on a highly anticipated hard-copy of a game? bonus points if you answered this in a previous forum before i asked.