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  1. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    Here's Erik at Lost Levels!
  2. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    Gah! Fell right in to it!!
  3. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    I PM'd you my phone number. Text me a bit before you're talk and I'll make sure I'm there!
  4. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    Crazy. Ok, I'll definitely stop by. Hopefully I'll get to see your talk!
  5. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    Do you have an exact time? Or is the event pretty free-form?
  6. is crouching necessary? (mouse problems)

    I think the answer is no... but I'll ask Ben if there's any magic we left in.
  7. is crouching necessary? (mouse problems)

    That's a bummer! Fortunately, crouching is not necessary for any part of the game. It does allow you to get closer looks with your buds, but it's not needed. We put it in initially as *the* way to interact with them, but it wasn't very fun, so we changed it so you could pet and poke from a standing position. As far as your question about remapping-- unless you're using a 3rd party input obfuscator (a thing, and probably a word, I just made up right now), I don't think it'd work. Or, at least, we don't support it.
  8. Prototype startup error (Virtual Machine)

    I believe this happens when you don't have the appropriate redistributables installed. They're certainly bundled with the Steam version-- is there a folder in the DRM-free version that contains these? A Redist folder in the root directory or something? Maybe even check the other AF games in case it's missing from the LPBB package...
  9. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    This is a great post. This has been a great ride so far, I hope that just because our internal AF is over, the Community Edition team won't lose too much steam and will continue to work on the game. I'll support this until it's dead-- long live Bad Golf!
  10. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    It would be great to have the whole course viewable [and driveable] at all times. I think The Golf Club ( is doing this, too. However, you shouldn't be able to play the holes out of order. Also, to encourage players to stay together, you should still get penalties if you hit your ball on to a neighboring fairway. No "going the long way around" to stay away from other players.
  11. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    For characters, I suggest DaveG. He spends more time putting around the office than animating.
  12. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    For characters, I suggest DaveG. He spends more time putting around the office than animating.
  13. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    More press:
  14. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    I'd love to see a "version" done at the end of our AF. Something that could be referenced as, "the community was able to put this amount of content together during the duration of Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight". Something that could be referred to for future projects. This "version", by the way, doesn't have to be complete or final, but it should have all the bows tied and maybe a quick layer of polish applied. After this one is complete, a new deadline could be made for the final product. Of course, it's easy for me to throw out ideas like this when I'm not working on it. You guys should agree amongst yourselves. Good luck!!!
  15. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    Use Bad Golf: Community Edition as your motivation to learn Unity! Even if you don't end up contributing, it's a great task to help you learn. Also, there's a bunch of awesome people already working who will gladly help you along.