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  1. I PM'd you my phone number. Text me a bit before you're talk and I'll make sure I'm there!
  2. Crazy. Ok, I'll definitely stop by. Hopefully I'll get to see your talk!
  3. Do you have an exact time? Or is the event pretty free-form?
  4. I think the answer is no... but I'll ask Ben if there's any magic we left in.
  5. That's a bummer! Fortunately, crouching is not necessary for any part of the game. It does allow you to get closer looks with your buds, but it's not needed. We put it in initially as *the* way to interact with them, but it wasn't very fun, so we changed it so you could pet and poke from a standing position. As far as your question about remapping-- unless you're using a 3rd party input obfuscator (a thing, and probably a word, I just made up right now), I don't think it'd work. Or, at least, we don't support it.
  6. I believe this happens when you don't have the appropriate redistributables installed. They're certainly bundled with the Steam version-- is there a folder in the DRM-free version that contains these? A Redist folder in the root directory or something? Maybe even check the other AF games in case it's missing from the LPBB package...
  7. This is a great post. This has been a great ride so far, I hope that just because our internal AF is over, the Community Edition team won't lose too much steam and will continue to work on the game. I'll support this until it's dead-- long live Bad Golf!
  8. It would be great to have the whole course viewable [and driveable] at all times. I think The Golf Club (http://thegolfclubgame.com/) is doing this, too. However, you shouldn't be able to play the holes out of order. Also, to encourage players to stay together, you should still get penalties if you hit your ball on to a neighboring fairway. No "going the long way around" to stay away from other players.
  9. For characters, I suggest DaveG. He spends more time putting around the office than animating.
  10. For characters, I suggest DaveG. He spends more time putting around the office than animating.
  11. More press: http://www.destructoid.com/fans-are-bringing-an-unused-double-fine-pitch-to-life-271067.phtml http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-02-24-fans-are-making-double-fines-rejected-pitch-bad-golf-2
  12. I'd love to see a "version" done at the end of our AF. Something that could be referenced as, "the community was able to put this amount of content together during the duration of Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight". Something that could be referred to for future projects. This "version", by the way, doesn't have to be complete or final, but it should have all the bows tied and maybe a quick layer of polish applied. After this one is complete, a new deadline could be made for the final product. Of course, it's easy for me to throw out ideas like this when I'm not working on it. You guys should agree amongst yourselves. Good luck!!!
  13. Use Bad Golf: Community Edition as your motivation to learn Unity! Even if you don't end up contributing, it's a great task to help you learn. Also, there's a bunch of awesome people already working who will gladly help you along.
  14. Unity is a pain with most source control, but I still think it's the right decision. I think a great motivational start would be for someone to create the base hub, make a stub unity scene, and then the artists to start flooding a source asset folder with concepts, textures, finished and unfinished models, etc. Just to get everyone's creative juices flowing and point everyone in the same direction.
  15. This one is a bit tricky. There's a true beauty to the game of golf. Golf movies like Legend of Bagger Vance capture this very well. I'd love for the environments to reflect that quality, and potentially the menu screens and UI as well. The golfers, however, should not be realistic. They shouldn't be fantasy (no Pangya!), they should all be human, they shouldn't be extremely exaggerated, but they shouldn't try to be a Tiger Woods game. Double Fine has always been good at adding a realistic feel to unrealistic characters, and I had always trusted that Bad Golf's characters would line right up with the standard Double Fine style.
  16. This is one of those situations where I can put out what I imagined, but I don't want to kill any creativity or motivation to do it another way. Buttttttttt... Each player tees off, one at a time, while the other players shout taunts or mess with the player hitting. Other players shouldn't be able to affect the shot, just distract. Kinda like this scene: After each player has teed off, all players are positioned in their carts, and a quick countdown plays. 3, 2, 1, or something. At "Go!", each player races toward their ball, or toward other carts. If you reach your ball, you can jump out and hit it. If you reach an opponent ball, you can run it over to give them a worse lie. This continues until all players have holed out, at which point all players move to the next hole together. To keep the focus on finishing the hole [and not a demolition derby], points are awarded for finishing first and getting a good score on the hole. Players can augment this score by doing damage to other carts while keeping their cart from being destroyed. Balancing this score will take some playtesting but shouldn't be difficult. Klink above is seeing eye-to-eye with me.
  17. Whoa. Off the top of my head: - There will be *zero* issue with you guys (the wonderful DF community) making Bad Golf as long as it's distributed freely. The legal issues could only ever come up if there's money attached somehow. - Just to be sure about my last comment, I'll talk with Justin (our COO) tomorrow. - I'd recommend using Unity if for nothing more than the ease of the networking code. Unless someone has a freeware engine with solid online multiplayer functionality, Unity is probably your best bet. - As for the scope of the project, I'd recommend starting small and growing up to things like power-ups and back stories. If Bad Golf 2 would have been picked, here's a rough asset list of what we would have done in 2 weeks: modelling and textures 3 golf holes, connected as one terrain mesh (so you could drive to other fairways while playing a hole) 1 golfer model, with different damaged states 1 golf cart model golf ball (duh.) animation golfer swinging, putting, driving cart, emoting for whatever reason golf cart moving sound title music, lobby music, in game music UI sounds golf cart movement (engine, braking, horn) golf cart collision player swing, hit, "fore", enter cart, exit cart, hit reactions UI mini map for current hole standard golf UI with swing power, aim, ball trajectory, etc. score programming overview 4-player multiplayer LAN basic ball physics for golf portion solid golf cart vehicle mechanics UI implementation Some notes on that asset list: The most important part of Bad Golf is the cart driving. It should be a blast to just drive around. Spinning carts, sliding on wet grass, instant acceleration, all that needs to be solid before anything else can be good. Initially, I'd avoid complicated situations like water. Absolutely should you be able to jump rivers in a final version, but first pass shouldn't have water on the course. The second most important part of Bad Golf is the golf. However, because Bad Golf is a fast-paced game, it doesn't need to be a heavy simulation. In fact, if we would have made the 2 week prototype, I think we could have short-sighted this portion and still made it fun. I think the final version of Bad Golf would have mechanics on the level of Mario Golf for N64. Solid, predictable, and not overly complicated. I had always imagined there wouldn't be any ability to move outside your cart. You drive the cart up to your ball, press the 'exit' button, and your character would hop [brutal Legend style] directly to the spot of the ball, ready to hit. After hitting, you'd immediately jump back in to your cart and be ready to go. There's no time to watch that ball fly, you've got to go! Also, if someone destroyed your cart while you were hitting, it'd reset back to where you were, so as to not screw you too bad. This should explain why the asset list is lacking a full animation suite for the golfer. Unless you guys want, I hesitate to go too deep into *exactly* what I thought the final game would be like, mostly because I don't want to stop you from coming up with awesome ideas I hadn't thought of. Maybe I can make a huge spoiler post in another thread or something... I'll end with a quick story: I've had the idea for Bad Golf for ~7 years. I regularly pitch games to Tim (formally and otherwise), but I never mentioned Bad Golf because it didn't seem like a game DF would do. When Tim announced we'd be doing AF with the public a few years ago, I thought it'd be the perfect fit. Bad Golf didn't get picked up but I couldn't let the idea go, so I re-pitched this year. The concept of the game is so dear to me that I don't care who makes the game, I just want to play it. The fact that you guys are going to combine forces and put something together in the spirit of Bad Golf is incredible. You have my full support and I cannot wait to play what you come up with.
  18. Bummer. Sorry you didn't get the hang of it before your credits were spent. If I could toss you a few free credits, I would, but since that's not possible, well, I *probably* shouldn't suggest this, but, you can always delete the game and re-download it to get a couple more credits.
  19. Should be good now, try again in a few minutes!
  20. In order to control the Chord, you have to use both analog sticks. The left analog controls one side of the Chord, the right controls the other. To pause the game, take both thumbs off the analog sticks, let them reset to the idle position, and the game will slowly pause. If you want to unpause the game, simply hold both sticks in any direction and the Chord will reconnect. It sounds like you're entering the game, taking both fingers off the joysticks, and the game pauses. Try playing the game without ever removing your thumbs! Hope that helps!!
  21. That's hilarious. I've watched two friends, on separate occasions, drop their phone in the drink sitting on the table in front of them.
  22. Good idea-- if it makes sense to release a patch for the game, we'll see what we can do about difficulty selections. For the pointing sections [with the bubbles], try extending all your fingers, spread wide. There's a tutorial image that shows a good hand position strategy, but it's subtle.
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