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  1. Just finishing up the Tales of Monkey Island series. So much fun! Then I've got Walking Dead and Heroes of Might and Magic 6 lined up after that. I've also just finished Limbo, Psychonaughts and Bastion. I brought far too much in the Steam winter sale (Half of which my laptop actually can't play!).
  2. No no no and just NO! When backing the Kickstarter, it was giving DF the ability to make a game without the restriction of a publisher. We have not entered into an agreement with DF with any terms and conditions. The money that we gave was given in good faith. Suggesting that since we gave money to the project that we have the right to decide on it's direction is just wrong. not to mention that voting on the direction with a committee of over 87 thousand people would just not work (And in all honesty worse than using a publisher). In regards to throwing more money at DF to decrease what needs to be cut out. I would totally do that if we could! It now feels like we are missing out on what the absolute ideal of what the DFA could be. But previous comments regarding the media backlash to asking for more money is absolutely correct. It would only be negative publicity to what has become a kickstarter game poster child. So really there isn't an easy solution, I don't think that they will ask us for more money (Even though so many are willing to). Most likely they will cut down the scope of the game and either internally invest more or try and strike a deal with Steam/Gog. I might be wrong, but that's my best guess
  3. No the Humble Bundle money is funding the amnesia fortnight and 2PP filming that. They can't take money they've already planned to use on another project to do this. What non-dfadventure projects are 2PP working on for DF anyway? Well, not to be an absolute pain -- since content is content... But they do seem to be functioning as the in-house video unit for whatever DF needs filmed. There was content created for the MAOI engine site, content edited for a couple of the conferences (neither of which was intended primarily for our community), and now this video filmed/edited for the Amnesia Fortnight) -- and who knows what else. Now, that's all cool... I like the video stuff -- but do we have an actual confirmation (rather than your word --see above--) that these 2PP man hours are being funded independently from our backer dollars? My concerns are: 1. Less time for 2PP to work on DFA content we paid for. 2. DFA backer dollars being spent on whatever DF wants marketed. What makes people think that the money is coming from the DFA project? - The kickstarter was to get independent funding for a small group within DF to create it. This is a separate project that the whole company works on for two weeks (And this time looks like it's getting at least partial funding from Humble Bundle). The only thing I can think of is that 2PP are also involved in this. But that really doesn't mean that the money would come from DFA. In fact, since they are separate projects with money allocated to both it would be bad management/financial control for money to come from one project to be invested in another. It makes even less sense when DF have been completely transparent (Because backers asked for it) about where all of the money is going for the project. Unless of course, people think that DFA is the only project that they are working on? If so, then how was Middle Manager of Justice and and the Cave made? More misappropriated funds?
  4. So glad it made it's goal! - Only by 9k, but still will be great to see a new game from them. I just hope it does well enough for the to continue with the rest of their Hero-U plan.
  5. I don't agree for Jane Jensen. From what we have seen, Moebius hasn't much in common with Gabriel Knight except the fact that it will be a traditionnal point & click adventure written by Jane Jensen. Yeah, that's the point that I was making - They are all still old school point and click, whereas they are trying to move out of that genre. Although I guess you can argue that this is still the same as they are both adventure/rpg hybrids it just seems like they are going a lot further with that.
  6. The updated style has grown on me. - It still doesn't feel ideal, but in terms of the budget it will be able to do exactly what they want to achieve. Especially since the other adventure games that have now come up through kickstarter all feel like they only want to tug on nostalgias strings. LSL, SpaceVenture, Tex and Jane Jenson are all aiming at producing a new adventure that, even without their original characters, is just going to be a trip down memory lane. Hero-U definitely does that as well, but they are taking the next step in making sure that the game is actually new and moves away from what QFG was. I really hope the best for them! - As it gets closer to the closing date, I keep upping my pledge since I'm nervous they won't make it.
  7. I'm definitely one of the backers for this project! - However, I completely agree that the artwork isn't really up to scratch with what should be achievable with tools available now. But hey, I loved Quest for Glory and have a lot of respect for what they have done in the past. So I'm backing them based on what they have done and what they might do if this one proves to be a success.
  8. You really do have to wonder about Paul Trowe. I have no idea if he is a good guy or not (I would hope so since both Al Lowe and Josh Mandel seem to be doing great!), but he certainly seems to be a PR nightmare at times! Terrible tweets and comments, fake accounts (If that is true, I really don't know either way) and then when he's really caught out seemingly sincere apologies. Take a back seat Paul and let Josh do the PR work! - Then bask in the glory that you did actually do a hell of a lot of work to get the LSL remake off the ground. Or at least learn how to manage as a public figure As I've said before, I'm really keen on seeing LSL for so many more reasons that why I originally backed it. So it's a hell of a lot more important to build up the hype for it so there are remakes all around for Larry! On a side note. Larry is kickstarted, Spaceventure is kickstarted, I've heard rumours of a Quest for Glory Kickstarter, Kings Quest is in Telltales hands. It's a great time to be a Sierra fan! (Sorry for the terrible grammar in the previous sentence, but I'm writing quickly and can't be bothered editing). I wonder if there is any Police Quest fans floating about?
  9. Well , how about if they stayed with AM and then the project either didn't get delivered, was substantially delayed or crap? Yes there is an element of promising X and delivering Y, but in this case it's a matter of changing developers because they didn't think that AM could deliver on what they have promised. So really, they are respecting the backers by making sure that they get the best possible use out of the money we donated. Yes it was due to the new content. Here is the extract from the first post-kickstarter update: Now, let's get down to business! Since all 14,000+ backers made it past the $650k mark you guys get more rooms, another girl, and all new dialogue in the game (from hitting the $550k tier too!). The bad news is, this has serious ramifications on our ship date. We were originally planning on shipping in October but since we have to pretty much design a TON of new stuff (which I think is extremely positive), there is no way in hell we're going to make October 2012. We MAY be able to make December but honestly, I'd rather launch the game after the holiday season and put a lot of polish (no, not Pole-ish...I said polish!) on the game and make sure we have beta tested it enough to release. There is nothing I can't stand more than a game that was released "to make Christmas" that is just riddled with bugs (anybody remember some unnamed PC games that would ship super buggy in hopes the patch would come out before the game hit the shelves?). So anyway, that's the bad news.
  10. I'm not really that worried about this. - I was a little bit worried that they had initially gone for a company that hasn't actually released anything (And completely different part of the world to them!). But I backed it because of nostalgia and Al. I'm even getting excited about it because they are changing the puzzles and expanding the story. Before I was just interested because it was good to support the old Sierra folks. I hope this doesn't backfire and they have done their due diligence with the new developer though. There is no way they could do something like this again and not run out of money.
  11. I'm not really that worried about this. - I was a little bit worried that they had initially gone for a company that hasn't actually released anything (And completely different part of the world to them!). But I backed it because of nostalgia and Al. I'm even getting excited about it because they are changing the puzzles and expanding the story. Before I was just interested because it was good to support the old Sierra folks. I hope this doesn't backfire and they have done their due diligence with the new developer though. There is no way they could do something like this again and not run out of money.
  12. Great updates! - Have to say I look forward to the sidequests just as much as the main updates. Great quality and great to watch! Really have to get onto playing Stacking. I got it on Steam, but just haven't had a chance to play it .
  13. Yeah, the F2P only means that a component of the game needs to be free for customers. So in most cases this should mean a demo, but it will of course also mean those 'other' games with the micro transactions... I'm pretty keen on following this. Don't really care about the 'hackable' aspect of it, but the idea of a reasonably cheap open source console does sound pretty cool.
  14. Carmageddon did it, and that was a British project. Yep they sure did. - I think they actually had someone in the US set it up though (Or set up a US company or something...) so it wasn't done directly by them in the UK.
  15. I guess this is the downside of Kickstarter. There will be a lot of old game designers have seen the success that Doublefine Adventure (As well as Wasteland 2, Banner Saga, Shadowrun and soon to be Leisure Suit Larry and Jane Jensen) and have decided to resurrect their game. It sounds like Rob Swigart does care a lot about his game and I'm sure he would have put a lot of thought into this before committing but I think there is a bit of kickstarter fatigue going about now. There has been so much success in such a short time, but we can see that Leisure Suit Larry has really only just succeeded in getting the money needed. The Two Guys from Andromeda have started building up awareness of a new project but haven't started a Kickstarter for funding yet. Possibly because they aren't ready, but hopefully because they have seen that a lot of their potential funders have already invested a lot in the above projects (And probably others that I haven't seen as well ). Either way, I hope that he does do well, but I'm not keen simply because I am a bit worn out from backing (With a whole bunch of new communities to take part in!).
  16. Here! Take my money!! Thanks for the post. It's good to know that more of the old adventure games are getting a re-boot now. During their initial heyday they did start getting a bit worn as they were basically recycling the same old stuff (Or in the case of Kings Quest 8 completely going off the rails...). But after a good 10-15 years and a lot of advancements in both the market and the technology it will be great to see what can be done with these old classics.
  17. It was a hard choice whether to back LSL. I decided to because of the nostalgia from when I originally played it as well as the possibility of them being able to get the licence to make a new game afterwards. The fact that Al Lowe is taking part in it was pretty much icing on the cake It is sad that it hasn't really taken off though. I completely get that a remake may not be everyones cup of tea (But I do wonder how many people who are saying this have actually played it ).
  18. I know it's been a while since a post on this thread, but I thought I would show that the search tool DOES work and I didn't need to create a new thread on what I thought would be a great question to ask Like the other posters here, I've backed Shadowrun and Wasteland 2 and they have gone gangbusters!! I've also backed Leisure Suit Larry. This was a brilliant game, and these people are using it as a stepping board to recreate the originals and possibly create a new one. They just need to prove that there is still some love for Larry (And of course prove they can make the game!). And lastly, I'm thinking about backing Jane Jensen's project as well. I've liked Gabriel Knight and it would be good to see another new IP! I haven't decided yet, but it's still got a long time to run.
  19. To be honest, the more the merrier! Yes we are the people who initially helped to fund the project through Kickstarter. But hey, not everyone was able to or knew about it at the time, so why punish them for not adhering to a 30 day window? It's also fair that it's only the $15 tier that's available as this is pretty much confirming the actual price of the game (Even if it's on the low side!!) and those who have donated more for greater rewards are still in a unique (And envious) position. I would like to know if the funds coming through this count as part of the budget or part of the profit, but as to which one it is I actually don't care.
  20. I really like the idea of dying in adventure games as long as it doesn't affect the flow OR is because of a difficult puzzle. It's only an effective mechanic when it's either used as a humorous aside or conveys an idea of what happens if the character had died at that particular point.
  21. I'm going to go out on a limb and say a bit of both! It should be super private so we can laud it over the plebs who are sitting out in front in the normal bar. While we are sitting in the VIP zone with the high class hookers (You know the ones, that we can take tequila shots from their belly buttons). BUT this sort of thing if far too tricky to police when there are 90k people. And to find out who groped the redhead and didn't slip a fiver into her g-string can be a bit tricky. So really everyone should actually try and keep their hands clean out of respect for Doublefine and the experience they are offering. Not out of fear of being caught and punished.
  22. I'm looking at this as a whole experience. A roller coaster ride if you will of Doublefine at it creative best (And lets be honest about development, sometimes worst). It gives me a chance to be emotionally engaged in a game not just because of great characterisation and story but because I've invested 6 months into watching it grow and develop. Helping to test and streamline. And lastly coming out of it with something to remember which really doesn't happen as much as it used to with gaming these days.
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