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  1. If it's important to not be in a situation where you're surprised with zero children, one thing to do could be just not having naturally sterile characters. Sterility could be a negative status effect that occurs through battle (I remember that being thought about mechanics-wise a while back), so you always know how you got it, and there's more of a story behind it than "the RNG came up bad during character creation." e.g. if you have "Cursed - can have no children" in the traits, then you remember "oh yeah, barely made it out of that battle, and jeez those consequences are still following me." Otherwise, you'll know you'll have some amount of children, and it won't ever be a total loss.
  2. I actually like the fact that you might get some outliers that you can't account for. It should be rare but it could happen. The world implied by you looking at a guy from a big family and figuring "hey, he'll probably have a lot of kids too, might not, but probably so" makes a lot more sense than somehow knowing that a character is "virile", "fecund", "fertile", etc.
  3. I was just going through the latest stream and saw once again some (pretty justified) hemming and hawing over how to say how likely it is that a potential regent will have a lot of kids. I think I've got a reasonable answer to this question. Give as part of the stats how many brothers and sisters the character has. "From a family of eight...", "five brothers", "only child...", etc. This language seems far more reasonable than coming up with an adjective that describes their fertility, while still giving some text that suggests the size of the family they might produce.
  4. I too would like it on bandcamp, but you might be able to keep the soundtrack from being download with certain games now that DLC can be disabled in the Steam game properties menu.
  5. I was looking at the (albeit placeholder) research dialog, and realized that there are pretty much two paths you can choose for the tone of what it means to "research" the demons/Cadence. One looks to be the way things are currently thought about. The tone is technological: the Cadence are understandable, and their ways and tools can be learned and incorporated. Dialog here would look like what we've seen: "By observing their armor and collecting materials from their fallen, we can use those materials to build similar sets for our warriors." This feels very "Fantasy X-COM", (which is fine), but I think the fantasy world can lend itself here to make game more unique. In fantasy, there are things that can *never* be understood. The Holy Grail can't be unlocked via research, but it can be quested for, and used for good or evil. Throwing yourself into a pool the color of midnight found in a desolate structure lost to time isn't something you understand, but you might be suited for the task through your strength of will and a lifetime of preparation, and when you appear again, gasping for air, you might have briefly seen through the creatures' eyes (say, putting clear patches in the fog of war for half the units on the field). You might also be one step closer to being completely consumed by the black the next time you throw yourself in. This you know. Others have been lost before you. This you do for the good of the realm. It's this kind of tone that I'd be really interested to see. The "tech tree" is still there: hunt for and discover the places of power, read the old tomes and search for ones older still, scour the land for one ready to face and control what has been uncovered. Plus missions can clearly easily be incorporated into the research progression. You also get all the mystery and horror and awe of magic and fantasy without a bunch of wizards running around casting spells at things. Anyway, food for thought.
  6. I'm sure the DL team is on top of this already, but I just wanted to suggest that there be cues other than just the tone of the voice for the radio. While conveying that information through tone of voice is a great idea, I think you lose a little thematic clarity when you add the distortion, so having other audio elements that reinforce that tone would be great. Something like: Sarcastic (Daily Show / AM radio) - Applause / Laughter / Maybe some zany sound effects (e.g. trombone wah-wah-wah) Normal (BBC / NPR) - Probably fine as is, maybe very short bits of subdued music / jingles in between "segments" Controlled v.1 (USSR) - Soaring music over the vocals a la the reference material, big thematic changes between patriotic and threatening from paragraph to paragraph Controlled v.2 (DPRK) - Military fanfares, no music during speech, again, pretty much straight from the references. The vehemence in the vocals should be so extreme that it comes through no matter what here. But like I said, I'm sure this is being thought about.
  7. theinternetftw


    That sounds a ton like the Infocom text adventure "Nord and Bert couldn't make head or tail of it" which I had an absolutely awesome time with.
  8. Kiss Me Deadly. Some other influences Derek mentioned before the standup were Twin Peaks and Night of the Hunter.
  9. I dare... to start a new thread! So in the first stand up, people were talking about the recent accidental heist of some cobalt-60 (link here). But that pales in comparison to the prototypical "stolen radioactive thing" story, the GoiĆ¢nia accident (wikipedia link here). I highly recommend reading the "Events" part of that Wikipedia article. Riveting and Horrific. Edit: and to reinforce the whole "surprise, that thing is incredibly dangerous" idea, here's someone finding a tiny chunk of the Chernobyl reactor in some grass by the side of the road:
  10. So I was reading through the dev plan, and read the bit about balancing auto turrets (making them powerful but expensive). Thought I'd add my two cents on how to balance that. Have a new "security" room that controls the auto turrets. Have the turrets be good against fleshies (though maybe they can attack something in the security room to shut down the turrets). However, if a robot based enemy gets to the security room, he (thanks to his robot-y-ness) can gain control of the station's defenses and have them start blasting everybody. That might be an interesting way to have some tradeoffs for covering your base in turrets. Also, when invaded, you get a "oh god, don't let them get to the security room" bonus concern. As I said, my two cents.
  11. It may be so late in the game (ha.) that it's too late to consider changing functionality, but it's pretty frustrating that spacebar skips all text in a conversation. This means there's no way to quickly jump through a conversation that you've already had but still read the subtitles. So if I want to get the riddle description again, that means I have to listen to the entire clip, instead of jumping forward in the conversation until I get to the part I care about. Some way to skip to the next line would be nice, is all. Edit: Oh god, there's already a big topic about this here http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/11975/ This is the part where I'd delete my thread, but can't do that so... *looks around awkwardly*
  12. Description: During camera zooms, subtitle text rearranges itself from frame to frame (words jump from one line to the next). Looks like it's trying to re-pack itself back into its bounding box. Seen in Meriloft. Reproduction: Go to Meriloft Main at some point in story where Vella knows what the signs mean (for me that was after the Meriloft quest). Stand in the center of the area Select the middle sign (maiden's feast area) Vella will walk towards sign and camera will zoom in as subtitles appear. You should see it then Platform: Win 7 x64, 1680x1050 screen
  13. Description: The off-key singing audio background clip at Shellmound will continue when trying to speak to another actor (even when attempting to converse w/ the singing girls themselves), and until the singing clip is over no speech will be played. Also, during this the actor will animate but their mouth will not (due to how lipsync is hooked up, I'm guessing?). As soon as the off-key singing clip has stopped playing in the background, things go back to normal. Reproduction: 1) Be at shellmound main when the girls start singing in the background. 2) During their "song" try to talk to someone in that area, even them. 3) That's it. Platform: Win 7 x64
  14. So I was reading through the Dev Notes and caught the gem near the end about how robots go through three stages: subservient automatons, angry murderous death machines, and chill normal metal dudes just trying to make it. First, I just want to point out how awesome it is that the unstoppable force trying to extinguish all forms of organic life is really just a bunch of snot-nosed teenagers mad at their dad. I hope that's followed up on. Second, I equally hope that this philosophy of brilliant lore that just happens to be very well suited to be told through whatever events or behaviors are thrown into the sim can flourish, take root, bloom, and many other extremely positive metaphors. Woo.
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