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  1. I voted for Dear Leader and love how that game is progressing but, right now, it’s the development of Mnemonic that’s making the most interesting watch. There seems to be so many places it could go. From the first few episodes and the pitch video (I haven’t watched any of the extended pitches, etc) I’ve got an idea in my head of what the game could be. It’s exciting to see it become… whatever the heck it’s turning into now. In my head (heh) it's about a guy who has experienced some trauma in the past. All his memories are still in his head but they’ve become confused; all jumbled together. Splinters of memories are encroaching in others where they shouldn’t be and it’s the player’s job to set things straight. Remember the plane crashing into the trumpet player? That’s the memory of a romantic date at a jazz club and a memory of the war mashed together. The player doesn’t know why they’re wrong exactly, just that they don’t feel right together. It’s their job to remove the plane and discover the correct door it belongs behind. The game is a huge, living, memory jigsaw and the aim is to get all the pieces in the correct place and reveal the story of what happened… I’d throw on a noir-ish, hard-boiled voiceover to help guide the player through such a surreal world—Bastion meets The Big Sleep. An interesting element that the team could explore might be the way that memories actually function in the human brain. When we recall something it’s not like we're watching the memory as a film on a screen. It’s more like we’re taking the memory down off the shelf and changing it a little. Like if I pick up a lump of clay and turn it over in my hands just to look at it, I’m going to leave fingerprints and marks on the surface where my hands have been. Something similar happens with memories… and this seems like a groovy game mechanic to me. What if the player changes the memory each time they revisit it? Like if I try to insert the crashing fighter plane into one memory and when I come back to retrieve it (because I want to try it out someplace else) it has crashed into a tree or whatever and changed that memory… Actually, since Mnemonic has been mentioned as an adventure game, this might actually be a perfect puzzle solution. I need to burn this tree because in a particular memory of a car crash (just a random example… there’s screeching tyres in the pitch video) the car had crashed into a tree and set it alight… but it’s missing in the scene as the character currently remembers it. The player needs to set that tree on fire because until they do that they won’t have “solved” the memory?… I’m just spitballing here. This game is sparking so many ideas as I’m watching. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
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