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  1. I want to love the Telltale Games point-and-clicks so much, and they always fall way short of the mark for me. I've never liked a single one.
  2. HHGttG was one of my first, as well! I also played (and was infuriated by) the other Adams text adventure, Bureaucracy. King's Quest VI was a standout for me; it's one of those games I'd gladly pick up and play even 20 years later.
  3. This is an interesting question, considering all the kerfuffle going on with Mass Effect 3. I completely agree with most if not all of the rest of the thread in saying that I want zero input on the game's content or direction. That's why I helped pay for DF to do it for me! The climate is changing now, though, and games are a product. I wonder if people will start to demand their voices be heard and acted upon if things aren't up to snuff. (Clearly not us, but we may just be a vocal minority.)
  4. I'm Kate, I'm 27 years old, and I live in Seattle. I'm a web/UX designer at ArenaNet in Bellevue, working on Guild Wars 2. Games have always been my primary passion, and some of the earliest (and best) I played were Tim Schafer/Ron Gilbert classics. The LucasArts box set with Day of the Tentacle got serious mileage outta me. The one celebrity-freakout that I've ever experienced was at PAX 09, just before Brutal Legend came out. My friend interrupted a conversation to whisper, "Kate, Tim Schafer is standing right behind you." I did not handle this news well. Tim was very kind and acted as though the words coming out of me were actually cogent English instead of nonsense. Tim and Ron are my personal game dev heroes, and their games were a big reason I got into the industry in the first place. Supremely excited to be part of this project!
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