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  1. Hello all. I was a backer way back in the beginning. I haven't been able to watch any videos because of the vimeo / private issues. This video doesn't even play for me. Is there any way to get them to play? I can sign in to vimeo and this site (obviously), but still haven't seen any vids. Thanks for any help or ideas!
  2. It's kinda like I have friends in the gaming industry Just what I've always wanted! Keep up the great work!
  3. I'd think that would limit the target audience and sell fewer copies
  4. I think I found it in the e-mail settings on my control panel as: "Enable email notifications by default when you post messages" but what does this do?: "Enable Smart Notification"
  5. Is there a way to not auto subscribe to every topic I post in? Thanks for any help
  6. I'd say not to distant future. Like Full Throttle. Actually, just make Full Throttle 2 thanks!
  7. Full throttle man... Full Throttle was one of the best adventures I've had. It was out at the perfect time for me and was fun and challenging.
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