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  1. thanks dude well you never know what will happen in 200 years
  2. Not yet finished but getting there. Still need to: -Add shading -repaint the house and add detail -Laverne needs a lot of work including the outlines -other stuff
  3. We now know that... A new Tim Schafer/Ron Gilbert/Double Fine game will be made A new game from the creators of Space Quest will be made A new Tex Murphy game will be made A new game from the creator of Gabriel Knights will be made A remake of Leisure Suit Larry with the involvement of the creator Al Lowe (king quest should also be returning either this year or next through Telltale games) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tim Schafer hasn't been able to make a point and click game since 1998 (grim Fandango) Time Schafer/Ron Gilbert haven't worked together on a 2d point and click game since 1993 (DOTT) A new Tex Murphy game hasn't been made since 1998 Al Lowe hasn't been involved in a Larry game since 1996 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also to come is a Bill Tiller (Curse of Monkey Island) kickstarter project I'm hoping it will be in 2d (who of you are interested in helping this kickstarter?) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So yeah... this is clearly a big year and maybe turning point in adventure games, we the fans who have kept the genre alive all this time have proven that us fans, do exist and we made these games happen. Awesome year to be a adventure fan and it isn't even over.
  4. Aw man, I thought I was on to something Thanks for addressing this though.
  5. This video has him talking about his 5 pitches. Skip to 12:01
  6. [del](oops did quote instead of edit, ignore this lol)[/del]
  7. I was tempted to say I bet $100 I'm right, but considering how many backers there were for this project... I would be in debt for the rest of my life if I'm wrong But it's food for thought with the spy idea.
  8. I remember reading that Tim Schafer wants this new adventure game to feel like the next game he would've of made if he continued making games for lucasarts after grim fandango... I also heard him say that there were 5 games he pitched to make for lucasarts... 1)land of the dead (AKA grim fandango) 2)Day of the Tentacle 2 (so annoyed this never happened) 3)Monkey Island 3 (became curse of monkey island with him uninvolved, this was after Ron left so I do wonder what ideas he had for the series and if any of the ideas in the pitch were used for curse or based off ideas Ron had for a 3rd sequel...) 4)Motorbikes (AKA Full Throttle) and... 5)Spy game... (never made) Interesting. The spy game pitch is the last original concept Tim had pitched that he never got to make... wouldn't it be interesting if they put this to use? Also, Pyschonauts was an unused idea from Full Throttle.
  9. Hello, I've always wanted to have a go at making an adventure game of my own. I have story and character ideas, also pretty good at drawing. However, I've never known where to start... what programs will I need, how did you all start? Love to know, I've tried just doing them as comic series but they feel more suitable for a game.
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