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  1. It's great to read you are releasing the sound engine as open source. That's just awesome
  2. It's html5, not flash, I can't describe how happy I am right now It works fine in Linux. Thank you for dumping flash.
  3. I'm going to miss the hipster lumberjack, I'm growing fond of him. The tree was hilarious
  4. People backed the project before knowing how the game is going to be, before reading reviews, before playing demos... even if 15 bucks is a good price, it's not the same that when you buy a game in the usual way. I'm not saying that DF owes us a free engine, not at all. They never said they were going to release it. But I think that this its a great oportunity to explore new ways of game development, something different. DF doesn't have to bargain with a publisher, they are free to do whatever they want. Now its time to consider if releasing the engine woulb be something good for DF, would it help? Well, I think so. If a free engine is born out of this, and people start using it, will it make DF sell less games? If other adventures are made with this engine, will that prevent DF of selling their own? I don't know, but I don't think that would happen. And, there are positives? Will people implement new features? Will the code be maintain? Ported to other systems? I think that could happen, and DF would benefice of it. I don't think that releasing the engine would prevent DF from doing a few more adventures with it. I think it would be a good thing, for DF and adventure fans.
  5. It's great to read that at least releasing the engine as free software its under consideration. I know its a complex decision, and there is plenty to consider before taking that step, but I would love to see the engine released as free software, it would be really great
  6. All of the sudden I want to play GF again Great stuff in this thread!
  7. Another Spanish here But I will probably play it in English, the Spanish voice actors for videogames aren't that good...
  8. If I have to choose only one that would be The Longest Journey. That story got me from the beginning to the end, I love that game
  9. It would be great if the engine was released under a free software license. I don't think that would damage Double Fine in any way, if something it would be an advantage. A community of game developers using and maintaining the engine would be great for everyone, DF included. I hope they choose to open the source code
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