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  1. Okay, now I am officially super excited for the game. Before I was merely averagely excited. I've now upgraded because of all the possibilities. If only I didn't have finals next week, I would watch this over and over and spend countless hours deciphering the blurry notes of genius. Ah well. I am stoked about the female protagonist, or half-protagonist, or biprotagonist or however it is termed. I mean, as long as there are compelling, round female characters in the game I don't particularly mind playing as a male protagonist if it fits the story, but it's nice to have the option. So much of gaming culture seems to be male-oriented these days, which kinda alienates half of the potential market, and so I like this story already. If it fits with the story and you can do it respectfully, I think it would be a good idea to have people of color in there too. When you're talking about keeping the audience immersed in the game, I immediately thought of novels. There are dozens of easier, less thought or hand intensive ways we can get entertainment - TV, Internet, Tvinternet, Twitter, sleeping - yet people will still get so immersed in books they'll stay up till three to read the whole thing through, and that has to do with the story and maintaining tension. I've only recently discovered these behind-the-scenes sort of tricks, like making sure each arc has another one immediately following its resolution, with plenty of subarcs to keep the audience busy in the meantime, or withholding the completion of expected tropes, and other such tricks. If the story make us want to keep going in the world, then puzzles are absolutely a plus, because they'll only increase the tension and we'll definitely want to complete them. Of course, having a living, breathing world to play in and interesting, complex puzzles are also parts of a good game, but that's my three and a half cents for the day. It must have been difficult to decide how much to reveal about the game's premise, but keep up with the high quality job, TwoPlayer and Double Fine! It was so worth a month's wait to see this.
  2. Nice. I just have to chime in here - I know, I know they said none of the art is final BUT - that I can only hope the backgrounds in the actual game have the same level of detail as the characters, because in the demo the disparity between the two was kind of freaking me out. Inside. I was quiet about it, so no one would hear the tiny screams. But this raises a good topic. I think this game is a chance for the development team to really do some innovative things. As with the ability to pan into the scene and reveal new items that were previously hidden, Double Fine can think about how this game will push the field of adventure games forward. I don't think many old school adventure games had that kind of layers, that ability. I really want this Magical Double Fine Adventure of Friendship and Adventure to be the next evolution in 2D Adventure Games, in how they treat the mechanics, the art, and how the two intertwine. Kinda like how Disney kept finding new ways to animate things in 2D. We don't need to go back to the 1990s when we can pull adventure games into this decade (although, please, please make the puzzles difficult. No easy gaming If this is the right place to say that. Make your art difficult is probably more appropriate, though it just doesn't have the same ring.) Who knows, if Double Fine redeFines the genre, it might not as dead as we think.
  3. I see the soundtrack money was well spent. That was some emotionally moving 8-bit(?) music. Very fitting. And I really shouldn't have been surprised at the quality, given the consistently high-quality videos that have come out over the course of the campaign, but it still a pleasant 'wow' moment. Not a lot of new content, but very artifully arranged to tug on our heartstrings. I did tear up at the end bit with the livestream party and Tim's speech, not going to lie (I am convinced that part of the great success of the campaign was due to his cuddliness). I was there for the actual stream, but it came across better with actual good quality cameras (no shoes on heads, though ). Also, I am even more pleasantly surprised at how civil and literate the Double Fine Forum goers are, given that this is the internet. It almost makes me want to be literate as well. Can't wait to see the rest of the episodes, although now I'm torn between not having game spoilers and having more video funtimes. Maybe you could put spoiler warnings on the videos that have them? Unless they're all spoilers, in which case I'm just going to have to see if I have the patience to wait a year for something this good.
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