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  1. Same issue - was near the end, and saves all got corrupted. That was several months ago, finally gave up and started a new game, and all the costumes from the pre-order are missing.
  2. I haven't played the game for a few months, and now when I try to load my existing save games, it crashes on the load screen: "CostumeQuest2.exe has stopped working." I had two existing saves, both crash. I started a new game in the third slot, and that works, so the game seems fine. Any recovery tips for the old saves, or does anyone have a save game they could share? I was 8 hours in, playing as Wren, had all the costumes but one, and pretty sure I was nearing the finale. Not sure I'm up for starting over from scratch.
  3. I think it is a great idea to release the documentary, and would support it. Backers got a benefit already by being able to watch it as it progressed.
  4. Request for my daughter

    Costume Quest is my daughter's favorite game, and we've probably played through it a dozen times. One of the cool things about the game was the awesome female characters. When there are so few good female characters in games, it stood out that my daughter was able to choose to play as the hero as Wren, and Reynold was the damsel in distress. Also there was Lucy who ended up being her favorite. So the request is that in Costume Quest 2, make sure you can still play as a female character as the lead, and don't neglect the other female characters in the game! BTW, she screamed with delight when I showed her the Costume Quest 2 announcement video.