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  1. Thanks for fixing controls on PC, guys! This was quick. And wish you all the best, you've done a great work that deserves a recognition! Вы молодцы! )
  2. This is how I see it: they went over budget and been using studio's money for some time now. In order to get the money back, they have to sell the game to non backers. And since backers = hardcore adventure fans, they have to sell it to people who are casual when it comes to adventure games. Hence easy puzzles in Act 1 (they need to sell enough copies of Act 1 to finance the development of Act 2, and making Act 1 puzzles harder could mean lost sales), and tablets oriented design.
  3. I hope they improve the controls on PC, otherwise I'll be very disappointed. We, PC gamers, are used to AAA games with bad control schemes. But this is because of the evil publishers!, we've been told. They care about consoles more than PC market. Now, there is no evil publisher, but we've been treated as a second class citizens yet again, this time because all the money is in mobile. Makes me sad.
  4. Hey, thanks for your explanation and looking forward for more programming updates!
  5. Could you please tell a bit more about this Moai framework? Is it essentially a 3D framework with textured objects as the main building blocks which are you going to tailor for your 2D needs? (like every 2D plane being a giant texture). If so, what kind of tailoring does the Moai graphic engine need in order to be suitable for DFA? Also, with an open source project there is always a risk of some parts of the project getting less love from the devs than others. This is because some features are fun to work on and tend to attract a lot of people and some are just boring. If it becomes apparent that Moai support for, say, Linux or Mac isn't as great as for Windows, do you have necessary programming resources to fix this situation? Or are Linux and Mac users at the mercy of Moai devs?
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