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  1. Here: I can read: Tim Schafer Greg Rice Ron Gilbert Anna Kipnis Scott Cambell Peter Chan Ray Crook Nathan Stapley Lee Petty Oliver Franzke Brandon Dillon There's only one I cannot identify, and that's the one that looks like "JCBD". That's really quite awesome =)
  2. Has anyone received any yet? But more importantly whose signatures will be on it... I think the team has grown quite substantially? Anyway, would be awesome if Ron Gilbert's siggie will be on it as well...
  3. Awesome, thanks for the heads up! Was wondering when to expect (or not) my signed poster....
  4. Don't see what all the fuzz is about. The docu's have been of the most exceptional quality and a joy to watch - kudos to that. Having made my own home videos I totally understand that editing, cutting out all the crap, and creating a story that flows takes a lot of time. Let alone doing it professionally, keep up the good work. In any case, if I want to watch raw unfiltered footage of anything I'll go to youtube - enough crap on that site.
  5. Rumour has it they've got everyone and their pets signing posters, so no updates for a while.......Mmm, I could have started that rumour
  6. W00t I can feel the potential juice flowing from these scenes! Me want 2 explore!
  7. Works for me, although I see jagged lines during high motion scenes.... No buffering issues though, but I have a swift network here. I seriously dislike vimeo so obviously encourage a switch-over. Finally, having to make an(other) account to get something done online is for me a big hurdle. So any service that can get the job done without requiring another account would have my preference...
  8. I like the light grey one but am somewhat repelled by the other colors =) Anyway, here's a question for ya! We print a lot of shirts for our Uni club members every year. And we always stick with one type of design but then have 2-3 colors for people to choose from. Not everybody likes vanilla so we cater for that, but also (more importantly) because it never cost any extra with the printers. It's a win-win as we can give people the luxury of option without it costing extra moolah. Wouldn't that be an option here?
  9. Funny that, I was just thinking the same thing =). I suppose it all depends on your reasoning for signing up to this project so I can see why some peeps would be miffed about opening it up a little afterwards. I'm all for making it available for more like-minded people. I happened to be there on the first day when this thing hit the roof but it was sheer luck I found out. I normally don't check any news sites so I could easily have missed this. Does that make me a less passionate person about adventure games? Hell no, I have been waiting for games from these guys since the mid-90's. But I can say I would feel very fortunate if I did miss the kickstarter and was allowed to join later. I feel the same way about the Minecraft KS which I missed and regretfully have to wait a long time for now.. For me, I feel happy that I have made this game possible and I see it as a way of reviving the genre which is in dire need of fresh blood. Allowing extra people in who missed the original deadline helps make that happen. It will continue to gather the momentum of the fans and although it probably won't contribute directly to this game it will help keep this studio afloat. This will be beneficial for the making of adventure games in the long run. So my sentiments for exclusivity are just not strong enough to warrant locking fans out. Finally, Kickstarter was just the vehicle to get this project the funding it needed. So essentially this KS was over within 8 hours and the other 70.000 fans shouldn't be here =) Most people hadn't even heard of kickstarter before this project launched and a lot of us have gone on since to make significant contributions to other projects like wasteland 2 (which is now at 2million). So I'd argue that this project has done many times more good to KS than it could ever hurt by drip feeding fans in afterwards.
  10. All nice and well but unless Larry fixes the transmission on my car I won't have that kind of moolah to support him =)
  11. Since the consensus seems to be to keep things private. =) Just wondering if there has there been any talk of giving people the option of opting in with a donation now kickstarter has closed? Like Brian Fargo's Wasteland does thru paypal (at least I think he does). I'm sure there is still peeps out there who've been living under a rock and missed the initial kickstarter. Plus considering this is going to be a one year project with at least 12+ video releases then people that are really interested and keen can still donate and have access to the videos retrospectively. It would boost funding for the game further (perhaps not by much) but also show goodwill towards ardent adventure gamers by not locking them out indefinably. The original kickstarter page is still around to serve as a threshold guide for donations, and it wouldn't cost a dime in overhead if they got say only a digital reward (say the game pre-order plus artbook at $60 tier or something similar). It would leave the 'super private thing' intact, but allow more like-minded people to feed in.
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