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  1. the prophecy of the box, chapter 3 ... line 73 "the box will be opened unleashing its miasma of chaos upon the land and only by jamming shall it be held back and only by succeeding the trial of the jam will the box be sealed again ..."
  2. I don't think I'll be around the conf much tomorrow, but I'm having dinner with some ex coworkers friday night.
  3. OK got it, cool, will try to time it correctly !
  4. If you're there you're totally welcome to help me with the Q&A ! ; )
  5. Yeah the event is from 1-5, and last year the way they did the ordering was kinda pretty random and 3 sessions going on at the same time and then it just went on until there were no speakers left, so there are no time slots per say, unless of course they organize it differently this year. If they do it the same way I could try to switch order in the list with someone towards the beginning or towards the middle or end.
  6. Hi, for people near SF or attending GDC: I will be doing a 10 minute Bad Golf: CE gameplay & QA at: http://www.lostlevels.net I'm guessing it will be at Yerba Buena Garden next to Moscone center like last years ( although the location hasn't been officially posted on their website). Anyway if anybody is interested in the fringe of indie game development, Lost Levels is a fun, crazy event to check out, expect the unexpected! Hope to see you there, and remember to take your Android device to play some Bad Golf
  7. There are actually two implementations/approaches we currently have in, one is using Unitys built in OnGUI with some skinning. The other which happens to be the one we ended up using a bit more for the menu's is just "flying" unity objects ( its similar to NGUI just a lot simpler and using Unity Sprites mainly instead of the NGUI Atlas )
  8. There is plenty of stuff to model = ] and do. Keep on checking the github issues = ] https://github.com/Double-Fine-Game-Club/bad-golf-community-edition/issues?direction=desc&sort=updated&state=open
  9. I totally just snuck this in here: https://github.com/Double-Fine-Game-Club/bad-golf-community-edition/releases/tag/1b4f8b7 if you have an android phone or tablet, you can play the local multi section using the following Controls: Your device should be in landscape (sideways) tilted about 45 degrees for neutral position tilt device forward to speed up, tilt it backwards to brake and slow down tilt device left and right to steer in those directions press anywhere on screen to enter golf mode within range ( when the golf ball changes to red color) tilt device left and right to aim in golf mode tilt device forward and back to decrease / increase power in golf mode press anywhere on screen to shoot the ball pressing the back key on your phone will bring up the "pause" menu where you can quit back to main menu and quit the app. Note: you probably need a fancy phone/tablet, I only tried it on my Nexus 5 [del]ooops I goofed it, this is supposed to be inside the Bad Golf Community Edition thread, sorry ! If An admin can move it that would be great.[/del] Thank you ! ; )
  10. Female base body (invadererik) with Anna Head (DMann3D) comparison to original Patrick base model Female body is a bit smaller in general.
  11. OK FIXED THE LINK SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION : badgolf2 irc channel setup by aaronscientiae: irc channel click here
  12. I think "Cheeseness" is taking the lead, he was the one doing the initial contacts and stuff. I think "Cheeseness" also proposed to make the github account in the DF game club account and irc channel. I can setup an initial base unity project if given access = ].
  13. See here this post: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13109/ since nobody has replied to this I'm totally downs with Bad Golf 2 . My vote is to work in Unity. I can do: 3D arts programming C# Here is what I think: What tools are we gonna use? Doesn't matter as long as you output .png and .fbx Are we going to create a story behind it for single player? No story, just multiplayer matches, different courses Are we doing multiplayer? Yes but only local multiplayer unless we find a network wizard What version of unity should we use (free vs pro)? free What gameplay features will we be adding? * some sort of lobby to choose: player 1-4, color of outfit and level, number of lives, cart spawn time, etc options * 3rd person player controller, walk, run, jump, crouch, attack, die, get on cart, get out of cart, swimming ? * Driving golf carts, getting in and out of carts, exploding cart, sinking carts, stuck in sand carts * being able to swing your club at balls, people, carts ( the ball hitting might require some extra special control) * doing damage to people and carts * carts can do damage to people and send them flying ie ( ragdolls ) * scoring with golf balls in the correct hole etc, keep count, negative points * mini map or some arrows to help you find balls and holes * UI to display scores, health etc. eeeh thats what I can think off the top of my head.
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