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  1. So on watching the 3rd teamstream and the talk of the potential for grand battles where the demons will be attacking the keeps I had some thoughts I wanted to share. It was said that the residents of the Keep will be involved in the battle but it was not yet known how that might work. My thinking is that rather than the Keep seat holders being old and frail and having to be rescued or such like - could their relic be more powerful because it is within the Keep, which in turn means that they would actually be a very powerful pair of commanders for the battle. Thoughts on the age of heroes and how that might manifest - although you would expect the units to slow down with age, I would find it odd if an old Mage suddenly began to be significantly less effective. My suggestion instead would be that their attack speed is reduced (so maybe only 1 attack per turn rather than 2 - if that is how the combat mechanic will work) but the power/strength of their attack is significant. This would seem more in keeping with a highly experience Elder within the kingdom and still making them valuable on the battlefield but acknowledging their age. To cover off the tl;dr - look at the emboldened text!
  2. This sounds like the right plan to achieve your vision and ultimately that is what people backed. It might be worth telling people just how long (people days) it took to develop DOTT and Grim Fandango to provide some perspective. I think many will be disappointed and unfortunately this is one situation where being public about it loses an opportunity for marketing. From previous updates the suggestion was that cloud colony was being taken to alpha soon or may already be there - could this not be an even earlier "episode 1"? Had this not been so public you could have changed the original pitch to "with more money we will deliver more episodes". You talk about a 2 part game as an issue but from what I've seen the market as a whole does not mind them provided they are engaging (just look at Telltale). My thoughts: - bring cloud colony to early access beta as episode 1 - release the next episode as soon as it's available (this may still be January) - tie it together with an episode 3 around April/May This way you leave the door open if the brand/franchise takes off and you can bring more to the audience rather than less. Oh and separately, you still haven't capitalised on your Middle Manager of Justice product by porting to android, which may provide some options.
  3. Definitely a very interesting episode. I have the same issues on a daily basis with IT projects. Interesting to hear though that you are staring a 25% over budget set of accounts in the face. Everybody hits a trade-off somewhere in a project, it's always about making the smart decisions rather those that save money short term. Ultimately there is a need to reduce scope to minimise any slip on schedule. Stating the obvious but moving the release date out costs more money (pay and rations) and you will likely face another aggressive re-scope late in development if it's not done right first time! Sounds like some hard decisions may need to be made (including telling people they can't swap roles now as it will lose efficiencies). Another approach - this is a crowd-funded game, so why not try crowd-sourcing a solution?
  4. I'd be interested to see the XLS sheets that sit behind prototyping some of the logic / decision trees. I always hear that it is a good tool for doing this but never seen an example.
  5. As I'm a bit geeky like this, it would be interesting to see what your project plan looks like. I manage IT projects and tend to despair at how long things take to test so I would be curious what processes / timescales you tend to use when making a game.
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