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  1. I coudn´t agree more... I played an hours or two Machinarium, beautifull game... creativity, music, scenarious, etc but it´s all about puzzles... wires and numbers and levers, etc... I hope a really adeventure with good chalanges along with the game story.
  2. I know we want something new and Doublefine doesn´t have permition to use old LucasArts stuff but it would be very funny if at some point in DFA we can go to a location from a old game like an island from Monkey Island or one of the cities of Grim Fandango
  3. - I love lighthouses - Someone mind - A planet of our solar system - Rabitt hole - City under water - Libraries - A cave (LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) - A clock - Aeroplane - A book - Garden at night - In a place where every person talks a diferent language ...
  4. I can´t see all this thinks apart... story, puzzles, etc... I think in the older games the puzzles are more relevant but at some point all of us need a good story to envolve the puzzles and the graphic evolution... Like Grim Fandando, great story, great puzzles, great graphics, great caracters, great music... you are deep in game, in the story, understand the puzzles, close your eyes and feel the sound and the music... the interface... I played and love lots of games with diferent interfaces... not a problem to me... it´s a mater of time to adapt. For me the most important thing is that all this ingridients works well together. About the puzzles, I just hope they are logic with the story and not mechanic.
  5. I prefer not dying... in a funny adventure I thinks it´s inapropiate too... in a more realistic like broken sword it´s ok... it depends on the story realy... but if I can chose I prefer not to...
  6. I prefer just one ending but during the adventure I think it could be something we can do in diferent ways... Like in MI 1 we can destroy the boat in Monkey Island or not...
  7. I remember to play this game but never finish... Les Manley in - Lost in L.A.
  8. Well, I didn´t expect they think in portuguese but there should be a lot of us... maybe not from Portugal but from Brazil for sure...
  9. I prefer something like Curse of Monkey Island too... 2D works just fine with beautifull landscapes and all art detail... I also like what they did in Grim Fandango... it´s sublime... for some reason I can´t explain I don´t feel that kind of connection with graphics like Tales of Monkey Island... But I think I will love whatever they decide since the story is good and there is no silly caracters. a few years ago with adore simples caracter like Murrey (just a head skull) or Wally (a small and simple guy), and this is more important then the graphics...
  10. I just hope to have a lot of fun moments with a GOOD/DEEP story and character we can keep in our hearts
  11. The perfect villain is a pretty much dead pirate that spits while he talks
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