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  1. Crash to Desktop: After getting to Shellmound for the first time, without clicking anywhere else, clicked on the left arrow to go back to the three and it crashed. I had the peach and art piece and got constricted by the snake.
  2. I did too think I missed something when I had to ask for a reminder of something I never heard in first place.
  3. I think one of the earlier post got it right. Have the game to have the option to import a fan made text translation, so that way the game could be translated to more than 20 languages if fans work on them. It could be done by a wiki of some sorts, where latin american people would join forces translating the English version. Same for Brazilian Portuguese, or Polish, or russian, or arab. After 20 or so people agrees on that translation, maybe DF could support the non-official fan translation and publish it on the game website. And yes, hearing a Spanish dub if you are from Latin america is the same as hearing a Latin dub if you are in Spain. It sounds awful for both parties.
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