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  1. Ok. Considering it's an inexact process, I would wish to see the next deadline somewhere on a visible place, so even a blind lazy idiot could find it And yes, I don't mind if DF takes as much time as they wish, even if they break the deadlines time and again. I'm not an investor, and I'm proud.
  2. Yes, they are of the same nature. However, in my view, none of these arguments will be morally feasible following the astounding success at Kickstarter, due to the following reasons: 1) They've got almost ten times more the sum they requested initially, even though the initial amount was supposed to be enough to make a game. Therefore, they just cannot complain at any moment of time that they didn't have enough money (unless they had foreseen the possibility of going far beyond $400k right from the beginning, which is unlikely). 2) Not having a publisher, means not having enforceable deadlines. In this case they just cannot complain they did not have enough time. If they do - well, no problem, I've donated only to say a thank you for the fun I had with Tim's previous games, anyway. You may regard me as a heretic, but I don't put too many expectations in the Broken Age, so I don't really care about what excuses, if they are needed, they might use.
  3. Me neither, but other devs did. "Anymore" means here that by raising money through kickstarter and working without any strict publisher's supervision, he is thus depriving himself of such argument
  4. Yep! He's not entitled to that excuse anymore Just one thing: when the new release date comes up, please post it somewhere on a visible place, so I don't have to watch documentaries.
  5. You're welcome. BTW, do you mean that you don't care a rat's butt about Full Throttle with that Broken Age and stuff, or do you mean that it's extremely unrealistic? If it's the latter case, then why not? Who else would do a better Full Throttle 2, other than the one who did the original? Or is the license too expensive for Double Fine? Arenegeth nice vid, point taken. It would also be suitable to post "A World to Build a Dream On"
  6. Now that LucasArts has been shut down, Disney will be willing to license external devs. As it might turn out, the Full Throttle license will be available too. Any speculations on how much it might cost? It would be nice, if Double Fine could manage to acquire it at least on a temporary basis and do Full Throttle 2. And by Full Throttle 2 I mean a real sequel, not some 'arcade-based-3d-something' which was mercifully cancelled out, before it would do real damage to the franchise. Don't know how about you, but I would happily spend lots of money on FT2 Kickstarter. EDIT: Apologies for opening another thread on LucasArts shutdown and its licenses, but I wanted to specifically tie it to FT2
  7. You're not paying attention to the documentary or the forums, are you? Obviously not really, 'coz I only care for a complete game (without any alphas, betas, logs, reviews, previews, interviews, concept arts, sayings-of-how-it's-cools, showing offs, etc.) Apologies if I hurt someone's feelings.
  8. Ah, ok, no problem. Take your time, and make a good game again
  9. So, how the devs are doing? The release date should be about several weeks away now. Nothing has changed, I suppose?
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