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    I forget. I'm currently playing Kid Icarus, though, so I'm ready to give a 3ds code via pm.
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    I'm Matt Espinosa, a cool dude who draws comics and tries to get away with writing short stories and stuff too. I have a series of comics up at 8bitartisan.com, and it would be great if you looked at a couple. There aren't many up now, but one day I hope it'll be chock-ful of random hilarity.
  1. I'll pirate old games, but nothing from recent years. The newest game I pirated was Mother 3, and I bought a Japanese version of the game anyway.
  2. Metal Gearrrrrr! I had never played MGS2 before, and I got it in the HD collection. Man, it is one silly game. Good, but crazy odd. I've also been playing a bit of Kid Icarus Uprising, and some Minecraft with some friends. And hey, great for the people picking up Phoenix Wright! It's one of my favorite games of all time. Most mornings I start involve a cup of dark coffee in a plain white mug with a picture of Godot on it.
  3. I always try to get clothing with numerous pockets to keep all my illicitly purloined items I come across. Whether or not I use them is a different story. But I always try to be ready to solve a puzzle when I'm walking around my campus!
  4. David Hayter just mentioned how he was excited to get away from voicing Snake and try out some new things. I'm interested to see what he's going to be up to. Also, I enjoyed just about all the voice actors in Kid Icarus: Uprising! Best voice acting in any Nintendo game, not that there's much competition in that category. Mark Hamill's Joker will probably be my favorite version of the character. I'm glad that he became a talented voice actor. Lastly, I really enjoy Robin Atkin Downes' work in No More Heroes and Peace Walker. He's been popping up in a lot of stuff lately, and I hope he continues to do so.
  5. Back when I was really young, I played Where in Time is Carmen Sandiago, and a bit of those Freddy Fish games. I really enjoyed both because of their cartoony styles. It was like a cartoon I controlled! Carmen Sandiago might've gotten me started in my love for history. The level with Leif Ericson was my favorite. Norse people called get-togethers "things"? It blew my mind.
  6. I think if the team was forced to make a horror game like Eternal Darkness or Condemned: Criminal Origins they'd still make it, at the very least, chuckle-worthy. Humor has always been an element in their games, just at differing levels of frequency. I'd just like a level of humor that balances with the setting of the game. Throughout the years, DoubleFine's always been able to accomplish this. DFA will most likely be no exception.
  7. "That is not dead which can eternal lie... And with strange eons, even death may die." I bet Lovecraft was thinking about adventure games when he wrote that!
  8. I think the multiple playable characters should only be considered when the overall story and tone of the game is figured out. Day of the Tentacle's time travel themes translated into multiple characters well, as they each had a world to explore and they each had different personalities, but if the story revolves around a single character and their travels a single playable character may be best. Think along the lines of Grim Fandango and Full Throttle. I always like it when an adventure game takes the focus off of a main character and let you play as someone new and interesting, though, especially if it only lasts for a portion of the game. I'd be all for that kind of experience.
  9. That 3D Chrono Trigger'd be great, as well as Another World... I'd also like to see Earthbound, or any game in that series back on shelves, A new The World Ends With You (I think that might've been announced, though) You know, I've been thinking of Red Steel 2 lately. It's one of my favorite games that rely on wii controls, and I loved the theme. I'd back a project to make a sequel to that. One last thing. I looked on my bookshelf and noticed Hellboy. I'd back a Hellboy adventure game just so long as it was based around dialogue and not silly gameplay.
  10. Steampunk is a nerdy weakness for me. That, and east-meets-westerns (did I just coin a phrase?). But then again, I love the world of Grim Fandango, what with its weird noir/mexico setting. I think I can trust him to make some kind of cool, new world for us to explore.
  11. Oh man, I'm one of those gamers who play games two or three times to unlock "true endings" or extra cutscenes or whatnot. I would love to be able to play the game twice and experience a completely new story, even if it meant tackling similar puzzles. I'm all for this.
  12. I recently got scummvm up and working on my Wii, and as someone who hasn't played DOTT yet, count me in! ...Also, I remember Starmen.net would get extremely angry whenever someone posted about how to get ROMs, so lemme just say devote half an hour to pure googling. You'll find it.
  13. Tim Schafer is a guy who makes games that mostly run on humor and adventure. Escape games, on the other hand, involve more claustrophobia, uneasiness, and feeling desperate, so I don't think he'll be making one for the project. If you want an escape game that has some funny moments, let me recommend 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. It keeps a dark tone, but if you click on random items in the background, the main character will sometimes make silly little jokes, possibly in an effort to calm himself. In the first few minutes of my play through, he uneasily joked about ladders for a good five minutes before beginning to attempt to leave the first room (which was actually filling with water at an alarming rate). It was odd to see him say funny lines in the game when his life was constantly in danger, but somehow it worked. All in all, though, it was the general uneasy and claustrophobic tone that made it a great escape game for me. If Tim Schafer wanted to make a funny and adventurous escape game, though, I'd definitely be interested to see how well it worked!
  14. This reminds me of the whole "Transfarring" thing you can do with Metal Gear HD Collection on the PS3 and PSP. It'd be cool to implement, but I kinda like being forced to put down a game when it comes time to leave my room. It gives me some time to walk around and think about the puzzles I still need to solve and how I should go about doing it. If I could load the game on my tablet, I'd never get anything done until I finished it!
  15. I think notebooks are more superior than typing on a computer just because of the amount of freedom and expression you get with a pencil and paper. And also for the ability to add little doodles in the margins!
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