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  1. Personally, I think it's a great idea to release it. I've got my value out of my backing ten fold through watching the documentaries alone (let alone playing the game), and I don't think the value is diminished at all by other people being able to view it as well. Maybe releasing the core documentary to the public, but keeping all the Sidequests as backer only continues to give us a feeling of being 'special'?
  2. I don't think I ever put in my 2 cents on the forums or anywhere.... I loved it. And my love of it ramped up as I played it... until the end when I was completely "Oh YES! I want to play more, more...." So I am extremely excited for part two. I hate that people feel entitled, and feel the need to come down on others who have worked so hard on things. You guys have made a great game, love it!
  3. Lovely stuff. The game is really getting a great 'painterly' look to it now. Fantastic!
  4. Peter Chan is a good example of why only using the internet for your knowledge of things is wrong. Do a search for him... go on... I'll wait. You find sweet FA about him. Yeah, you can find info on IMDB, you can find a few pieces of art by him, but by and large he has ZERO presence online. And yet he's been constantly working, on big movies and games. If you just went on what you could find online you may be forgiven for thinking he's not very successful, but obviously he's pretty in demand and wanted. It's a pity, as I really wanted to browse his work in high quality to look at the detail in it. Alas!
  5. I haven't read any of the other posts, so may have been said: * Inside the walls of a house. Either populated by normal people, or some bizarre creatures... or robots... or robot creatures. * The moon, complete with all the paraphernalia left there by the astronauts (think moon buggies, flags, other things that we never would have guessed they left behind) * Inside their own body... so when they get scared it becomes a self feeding loop of them being scared, which creates more adrenaline and stomach acid, which in turn scares them, which produces more... how one stops that cycle, I dunno... spitballing here! * Inside (gee, I think I'm a bit obsessed with being 'in' things) a very retro styled internet. Postmen, parcel deliveries, large offices with people serving up information via typewriters... tea ladies (just because).
  6. I just skipped around a bit in the film (in and of itself a big improvement over Vimeo where you can't until it's downloaded up to the point you want to skip to), found it loaded quickly and played well. I quite like it.
  7. My redundant Thumbs UP for the game concept. The twin worlds, and interactions between them is bringing in that awesome aspect of Day of the Tentacle. And it being a coming of age story just feels fantastic. Happy feelings inside now
  8. * Looking forward to episode 2 of the doco. * Now scared that anyone who has any opinion on the forums in regards to the art style or anything else will feel entirely vindicated and spend the coming days saying 'SEE! SEE! They listen, what I say is having an effect, I AM IMPORTANT!' * Those same people will then feel deflated when they see some of the ACTUAL art from the game and still find it doesn't look exactly like Monkey Island 2 * WTF was the ending? Someone at DF really likes MJ? Or really likes JL?
  9. Once again, thanks for these awesome updates. I'm amused to see two types of post popping up here: 1. 'Bit x or y of what you show looks crappy, is this how it's going to look in the final version.' Which is fine work from people who don't understand what mockups are & 2. 'I don't like the art style, I wanted it to be pixely and look like Monkey Island, why won't you listen to me and my $15???' Which, again, doesn't realize that this is a MOCKUP and contains a random character from the artist plonked into a fairly random scene just for testing purposes. And also seems to suppose that they have such a wondrous artistic eye that they should be listened to over DoubleFine who constantly churn out quality products. It amuses me.
  10. Sitting back and watching this with my lunch I become more and more happy with being a backer.
  11. Thanks for this sort of information, fascinating to see the massive initial surge, the slow increase and then peak at the end. Great info!
  12. This is great, and yet another thing that makes me think my money has been well spent even if I don't get the game in the end! Not that I'm not incredibly excited to actually GET the final game mind you, just that I'll have already received my money's worth by that time. Looking forward to your next installment
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